Identified the scammer who sold fake tickets to see Aitana

The National Police of Logroño has identified a thirty-year-old man from Tudela, as the alleged perpetrator of a Crime of Fraud and Forgery in the sale through a page of tickets for the concert of the singer Aitana in the Riojan capital on November 30.

Once again, citizen participation was key in the operation. The investigation began at the beginning of November when a person reported to this Superior Headquarters having contacted an individual through an Internet advertisement page for sale, who announced the sale of two tickets to the concert of the singer Aitana . This concert was going to take place in Logroño in the La Ribera bullring on November 30 and the circumstances occurred that the tickets to that concert had already been sold out through the official channels.

Subsequently, the victim made the payment through a banking application to make payments from your mobile phone and received days later the two entries in pdf format, via email.
On the day of the concert, the victim attended it, with her two tickets being informed at that time by the concert organizers that both tickets were false and that she had therefore been the victim of a scam.

The agents of the Technological Crimes Group began procedures to identify and arrest the person responsible, verifying that the perpetrator was a male who had no police record, a user of the famous advertisement page, since he had more than forty Advertisements where it advertises the sale of tickets for concerts of singers and different groups as well as the sale of vehicles, trucks and technology, among others.

In most of the ads, the author advertised the sale of tickets to concerts similar to the events reported as a claim. Investigators continue with the open operation because there may be possible victims who have not yet reported.

Tips to avoid fraud when selling tickets:

Always buy your tickets in authorized establishments and within the legal circuit.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a ticket, contact the organizers to verify if it is a scam.

Be wary of tickets that are sold at a price that is excessively lower than the market price.

Look carefully at the entry, its quality, images and printing. Be on the lookout for spelling, punctuation or grammar errors and if the information is correct, check to see if the barcode or any of the images is out of focus. Concert tickets are professionally made, so their resolution is usually good.

Find out if the official tickets of the event you want to attend have a specific hologram or watermark, for this you can use images of the ticket online or contact the distributor.

The sale of false tickets is a very dangerous criminal practice not only because of the economic damage caused to the consumer but also because of the risk that an uncontrolled sale of tickets to an event may entail for attendees, especially with the pandemic situation in which Spain is immersed. .

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Identified the scammer who sold fake tickets to see Aitana