I have discovered a Souls where the combat system is based on music, and its first details make me need to play it right now

In this artistic expression, there is always room for the video game Independent. We are not only talking about works that are almost unknown and whose audience is very niche, but works developed by a small studio that seeks to do its bit or explore the most popular genres today with new ideas. that’s what you’re looking for Stephen Ddungu with sword of symphony.

East programmer Y british musician He has been working on this bet since 2020 action-RPG with tints Soul In solitary. Ddungu is not only betting on a title on a par with the best in the genre, but also one that serves as a sequel to Purpose: VERSA Y Purpose: VERSUSan animation and video game series respectively, whose music and development is also led by himself.

Although the two Purpose works are reminiscent of the Final Fantasy saga, especially Final Fantasy 7Sword Of Symphony seems to advocate a mix of genres and concepts that many could remind nier and a design of enemies between curious and terrifying. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Ddungu’s work is his soundtrack and the concept of music as combat mechanics.

Far from being an outstanding orchestral addition, this developer revolves the entire combat system around the music. Our protagonist makes use of a pen to execute sound attacks while the enemies do the same with sad music notes.

As we can see in the advances that Ddungu publishes on social networks, the combat mechanics will not be a simple tug-of-war of attacks, but rather these beings will carry out area attacks to make us go back, we can make parries and even a kind of combos with which to make “perfect” compositions and thus weaken the enemy.

It’s not just the combat system, but the world of Sword Of Symphony that makes it quirky and unique. The narrative places us in a musical realm called ‘Sonata‘, where the Composers, a group that dedicates its life to composing music (the energy source of the soundscape) are attacked by The Taçet, a manifestation of the writer’s block that feeds on the creativity of the composers.

The young 23-year-old developer still has a lot of work ahead of him, but we are talking about a project in which we can see the heart and soul of Ddungu himself. Sword Of Symphony is financed thanks to patreonwhere we have up to 3 levels of participation, but if you want to follow this work closely, you can always join the Discord group of the game where you will not only have content updatesbut you can participate by contributing ideas and follow the direct of the game.

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I have discovered a Souls where the combat system is based on music, and its first details make me need to play it right now