“I have a new love,” says Marc Anthony. Danced with 95-year-old grandmother in concert in Florida

Marc Anthony on stage.

Marc Anthony on stage.


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Felicia Rodríguez González’s list of things to do before dying is complete.

Rodríguez González lived the dream of his life last Saturday night. The 95-year-old great-great-grandmother was able to dance with her idol, Marc Anthony, during the popular singer’s concert at the Amway Center in Orlando.

In videos shared on social networks, the salsa star can be seen when he takes the old woman – nicknamed Fela – on stage, and the two turn, laugh and dance. Then they hug.

“I have a new love,” said Marc Anthony.

How did this miracle happen? Anthony reportedly saw the bright pink billboard being held by Rodriguez Gonzalez in the audience, the Orlando Sentinel said.

The sign read: “Fela’s Wish List. She is 95 years old, she survived Hurricane María, she survived COVID, and she wants to dance with Marc ”.

“Fela, I’m going over there,” said Marc pointing to the corner where the fan was standing. “I’m going to look for you.”

“He is faithful to his roots, just like me,” Rodríguez González told the newspaper when speaking of the musician who was born in New York, but whose parents are Puerto Rican. “When he sings, I cry like a baby. Because I adore my land. I am very Puerto Rican, more Puerto Rican than the coquí ”.

Rodríguez González is a widow, and lived on the island until Hurricane María destroyed her home in 2017.

Fela, who has five children, 14 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and a great-great-granddaughter, told the Sentinel that she has wanted to meet Anthony since last year, when she dreamed of him.

“I wanted to meet him in person one day and give him my blessings.”

This is not the first time during his Opus Tour that Anthony has amazed his fans face to face.

During a performance at the Hertz Arena in Estero earlier this month, the father of six helped a Boynton Beach couple get engaged. Denis Leborgne didn’t have a banner that would catch Anthony’s attention, but he had been in conversation with Anthony’s company, Magnus Media, for months to organize the solicitation. In a video where the romantic moment was shared, after Anthony sang Lizzette’s favorite song of Jesus, And how is heLeborgne knelt in front of her with a ring in his hand.

And Lizzette said yes.

Anthony will perform at Miami’s FTX Arena on Friday and Saturday nights. We can’t wait to see what he does in Miami.

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“I have a new love,” says Marc Anthony. Danced with 95-year-old grandmother in concert in Florida