“I hate Dr. Simi”: the video that shows the singer of Café Tacvba destroying a stuffed animal in the middle of a concert

Rubén Albarrán, singer of the popular Mexican group Café Tacvba, has become a trend in social networks in relation to to what he did with a stuffed Dr. Simi that was thrown at him in the middle of a concert in Europe.

The videos that were shared and went viral on social networks show the moment when the group was at a presentation which was part of his tour of that continent.

At that moment, Albarrán, who was in the center of the stage, receives from the public a stuffed toy of the popular doctor.

The detail is very nice, but the truth is that I hate Dr. Simisorry eh, but thank you very much”, said Rubén Albarrán.

The singer immediately began to destroy the stuffed animal to the astonishment of those present. Furthermore, she not only started to break him, but also ripped his head off.

Then, Joselo Rangel, the group’s guitarist, approached the stage to help Rubén destroy Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal. In the end, the two members throw the remains of the stuffed animal to the public.

The reaction of those present, as well as users on social networks, was mixed.. On the one hand, there were people who showed emotion at the singer’s gesture and applauded.

On the other hand, some followers they did not take the action well and began to whistle at Albarránin addition to the negative criticism for having “despised a gift from the public”.

throw teddies

Recently, the action of throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals at different concerts that take place in Mexico.

This has provoked various reactions from the artists. On the one hand some gladly accept the gesture and keep the stuffed animal.

Nevertheless, others decide to “reject” it and kick it towards the public.

There are many artists, both Mexican and international who have been part of this trend. Among them are Rosalía, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, The Strokes, The Killers and Maroon 5.

The artist José Madero, singer of the group PXNDX, starred in a peculiar fact linked to this new trend, since while making a presentation in Tijuana, the public threw three of these stuffed animals at him.

Madero, who in videos shows his displeasure, “rejects” the stuffed animals and returns them to the public.

This caused negative comments towards the artistwho described him as someone “ungrateful” and who did not “appreciate the gestures of affection from the public”.

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“I hate Dr. Simi”: the video that shows the singer of Café Tacvba destroying a stuffed animal in the middle of a concert