“I didn’t even give him a little kiss”, this famous woman said “no” to Luis Miguel

MEXICO CITY, June 19 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Actress Yolanda Ventura confessed that when she was young, and was part of the youth group “Parchis” she had many suitors; One of them was Luis Miguel, only the actress had the luxury of rejecting him and when she asked her out, the singer of “The Girl in the Blue Bikini” received no for an answer, but what was the reason for the indifference her?

In an interview with Aurora Valle, Yolanda Ventura recalled the day Luis Miguel invited her out. The proposal happened many years ago, when “Luismi” was still a child singer and “Parchis” was better known than “El sol”. The actress said that she frequently shared the stage with him and other fashion groups such as “Los Chamos”, so she saw him very often.

However, Yolanda is two years older than him, a notable age difference when he was still a child and she was entering adolescence, so it did not attract her attention to go out with him, so at the time that Luis Miguel approached to have a date together, the singer had to reject him, but acknowledged that, although she had the luxury of not going out with him, she always thought he had beautiful eyes: “I didn’t even give him a little kiss,” he joked.

This anecdote came to light when the journalist questioned her about her youthful love life, since despite the fact that Yolanda has always been characterized by establishing lasting relationships, when she was just a young woman she took the time to meet different couples , so she called herself a very sweetheart, a state that changed radically when she met the father of her only son, Alejandro Aragón.

Ventura said that his relationship with Lilia Aragón’s son occurred when they met during the recording of a soap opera, without imagining that they would last twenty years together, so when the time came for the separation, it was very difficult for the actress to face the breakup, because 10 years earlier, they had taken a period of six months in which she did not have a good time, but she also recognized that the divorce helped her become a more independent woman, since she married while still very immature.

During the talk, Yolanda touched on a topic that, at the time, made a lot of noise in the media, because when she was still married to Alejandro Aragón, she started dating Odiseo Bichir, her current husband, but the actress clarified that, at that moment , he and Aragón were no longer together and his ex-partner was also dating someone else.

He also acknowledged that he had known the Bichir’s older brother since the late 1990s, when they shared credits in the telenovela “El Diario de Daniela”, a time when the actor was already attracted to her, but it was not until They met again in a 2010 project, in “When I fall in love”, when they entered into a relationship that he acknowledged that he hopes will not end, since he does not want to go through a divorce process again.

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“I didn’t even give him a little kiss”, this famous woman said “no” to Luis Miguel