June 11, 2021

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Hugo López-Gatell: His rock band, controversies and more curiosities

Hugo Lopez Gatell His rock band controversies and more curiosities


Dr. Hugo López-Gatell has been constantly in social media trends, here we remind you of some of his most controversial moments.

López-Gatell announced that the daily conferences are coming to an end


López-Gatell announced that the daily conferences are coming to an end

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, says goodbye this week to press conferences evenings on the Covid-19, giving way to a new modality to keep the country informed about the health situation.

“We will be moving to a different communication scheme, since the epidemic event has already had a very positive reduction response for 5 consecutive months. 19 states are in minimum risk conditions ”, declared.

After almost a year and a half of giving his report on a daily basis, the official has become a public figure of great popularity in Mexico. So we have put together a list of curiosities, including its main controversial during the pandemic that kept him constantly in the headlines and on the social media trends.

10 curiosities of Hugo López-Gatell

1.- He was born in Mexico City on February 22, 1969. Son of the marriage composed of Francisco López-Gatell Trujillo, a Spanish chemist, and the Mexican nurse Margarita Ramírez Duarte.

2.- According to your account Linkedin it is Surgeon and Master of Medical Sciences by the UNAM. He has a specialty in Internal Medicine from the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition. In addition to having a PhD in Epidemiology from John Hopkins University.

3.- In an interview with El Heraldo de México, Hugo López Gatel narrated that before becoming a doctor had a jazz-rock band with his colleagues from Colegio Madrid, called Cantera. Although later his profession took him away from music, the members of that band formed two famous groups: The Blind Worm and Santa Sabina.

“The interesting thing is that everyone who made up the group ended up being professional musicians: Alfonso Figueroa, What next was part of Santa Sabina along with Jacobo Lieberman, who was the group’s guitarist, and Luis Ernesto Martínez Novelo, who played the saxophone and today is the bassist of La Gusana Ciega”, López-Gatell stated.

4.- It was chief resident physician and a medical specialist at NCMNSZ. He held the position of Deputy Director General of Epidemiology in the Ministry of Health and was part of the team of specialists that coped with the A (H1N1) virus crisis during the government of Felipe Calderón.

5.- He has worked with three presidents of the Republic: Felipe Calderón, Enrique Peña Nieto and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

6.- He was married with the Mexican economist Arantxa Colchero, so it was brother-in-law of actress Ana Colchero. After 25 years of marriage, got divorced in 2019.

7.- One of his most controversial statements was given during a morning conference, in March 2020, where he delivered: “The strength of the President is moral, it is not a contagious force.”

8.- In May 2020, the official starred in an uncomfortable exchange with a reporter, who asked him: Have you lied to Mexico?, argument supposedly based on the opinion of José Narro.

9.- In January 2021, the Undersecretary of Health was caught on vacation on a beach in Oaxaca, without wearing a mask.