How to survive a human stampede: tips that can save your life

After the human stampede that broke out at the Astroworld Festival during the rapper’s concert Travis Scott, who claimed 8 lives and left a good number of wounded, it is normal to ask is there something that can be done to protect oneself if one gets caught in a crowd?

These tips from security specialists help keep you safe in out-of-control crowds, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Have a proactive plan to survive a human stampede

Security specialists say that it is best that, before going to a massive event, people take preventive measures, such as:

When entering a place: make sure you know where the exits are.

Keep in mind the possibility of leaving if the crowd seems to be out of control.

Don’t wear loose clothing or accessories that can get tangled.

Wear closed-toe shoes and keep the laces tied to avoid tripping.

Avoid standing on or near structures that can collapse.

Walk around the crowds instead of pushing them.

Leave before or minutes after the event ends to avoid crowds.

To find out if the crowd you’re in is getting dangerous, apply this formula:

If you can accidentally brush one or two people at the same time, there are about 4-5 people per square meter. This is a “yellow” zone: no immediate danger, but stay away from the center of congestion. Now, if when trying to move, it is difficult for you to bring your hand to your face, that means there are too many people. Get out of there immediately!

How to survive if you get caught in a human stampede

Save your energy – don’t push into the crowd and don’t yell. You need to conserve all your oxygen.

Use sign language to communicate with those around you (points, indicates with eyes)

Keep your hands up close to your chest, like a boxer: that gives you movement and protects your chest.

If someone reaches out for help, grab them to keep them upright.

Don’t stop moving . Resisting the force of the crowd will only tire you and can get you crushed.

Don’t follow everyone try to move diagonally, because perhaps at the edge there is less chance that you will be caught in a bottleneck.

Avoid the most dangerous spots . Some call them “choke points” because they are spaces. Between them are the walls. The first people to be crushed in a stampede are said to be those near the walls.

If you fall, get into the fetal position, covering her head and bending the legs towards the chest. And so try to move diagonally to find a less congested road.

Paul Wertheimer, founder of the firm Crowd Management Strategies (or Strategies for managing crowds, in Spanish) says that the best thing is not to wait until it is too late: “ When you start to feel uncomfortable in a crowd, this is the time to start walking away. “. He acknowledges that that decision can be very difficult to make because sometimes people have traveled far to get to that event, or have paid a lot of money. But, in the long run, it is worth asking what can be worth more than life itself?

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How to survive a human stampede: tips that can save your life