How to separate the voice from the music in a song

It is likely that you are carrying out an audiovisual project in which you need to add the voice or the instrumental part of a specific song. You have been searching the web for a long time, but without any success.

It may also happen that you have the song stored on your computer, but you do not have a program that allows you to carry out the process of extracting the voice or the instrumental part of the song.

what to do in that case? Well, you no longer have to worry about it because now there is a tool with which you can have the opportunity to obtain the voice or the instrumental part of a song in a few steps.

Is about, an online web service whose operation is supported by the artificial intelligence and that acts by analyzing any song and then processing it and generate separate files for the vocal and instrumental part so you can download them to your computer.

Its creation was in charge of a team specialized in different fields such as AI, mathematical optimization, machine learning and digital signal processing.

You can have the opportunity to use for free, although you should bear in mind that it has limitations inherent to this modality. In that sense, the free version of only offers you a maximum time of 10 minutes in number of songs to process that should not exceed the 50 MB.

Regarding the technology involved to give life to this project, its managers indicated that it is considered avant-garde, feeling sufficiently secure at the time of ensuring it with the following statement: «We have compared all available audio splitting methods and have proven ours to be the best»

Steps to follow to separate the voice from the music in a song

The first thing you should do is enter the page of and head to the bottom. There you will find an area in which you will have a button called Choose file.

Pressing the button will display a window in which you must locate the directory where the song you want to process is stored. You can also add the song file by going to the directory, selecting and dragging it toward the designated area on the page.

Once this is done, you must wait a few seconds for the song to be processed by the page and then analyzed.

lalalai_process file

lalalai_analyzing file

Once the analysis is finished, a preview of the song will be presented showing the vocal and instrumental part of it separately, accompanied by a download button so that you can store it on the computer.

lalalai_ instrument and voice files

Also, has different modes to process songs, being Normal the mode set by default. You will find all these modes located below the button to choose the file.

lalalai_file parsing modes

In addition, below these files you will find the plans offered by with their respective rate in case you want to enjoy the service in a more privileged way, being able to have the opportunity to process a greater number of songs and in different formats.


Once you try you will realize how incredible and useful this tool is to get you out of trouble on those occasions where you need to get the instrumental part or the voice of a song to create a track that you can download and then integrate into the material audiovisual you are carrying out.