How to get concert and theater tickets with up to 90% discount

The Argentine Association of Theatrical and Musical Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs (AADET) will offer two 60% or 90% discount vouchers per person at $200 each to purchase tickets for theater plays and concerts for every week of October.

Every Tuesday in October from 13 to 19 in Tickets Buenos Aires (Diagonal Norte and Cerrito) will be released 10 thousand bonuses with discounts of up to 90% for works that have shows that week. Each person can purchase two discount vouchers for the show they choose by paying $200 and presenting their ID.

The sale of bonds will be Until stock lasts or until 7:00 p.m., whichever comes first. Every week the list of plays and concerts in the City of Buenos Aires will be renewed.

“We are doing this idea for the eighth consecutive year,” recalled the association’s general manager, Grace Maroin Radio With You and added: “We want everyone to come see the shows“. The eight-year-old initiative is called “I came to the theater“.

What plays and musical shows adhere to the promotion?




  • Hell
  • The irresponsible
  • Oh my God


  • the amateur
  • Masteraraoz
  • An ordinary Jew


The National

The big house


Lola Membraves

moon park

Metropolitan Surah

  • Veronica’s room
  • the blame girls
  • Lic. Cecilia Ce – Beer and sex night
  • mothers
  • Petroleum
  • back in patagonia
  • Tarascones
  • a house full of water
  • I am my own woman

Movistar Arena

  • Babasonics
  • Dracula the musical

multi scene

  • daring chance
  • Bolero in jazz
  • duarte house
  • auction jealousy
  • Bewildered Allegro Vivace
  • the bathtub
  • destiny bar
  • the bread of madness
  • The war of the four battles
  • The flea in the ear
  • the two queens
  • Nicole the spicy blonde
  • What did I do
  • Recontra P
  • a small world
  • I am your unfaithful friend

Multitabaris Comafi

  • witches
  • anatomy lesson
  • wild scissors
  • Comafi Multitheater
  • a woman hurts me
  • lost mind
  • Knock Knock
  • let’s tell lies


  • Rombai, resilience tour

walk the square

  • Dalia Gutman – Mine Thing 2
  • The Gronholm-method
  • Fede Cyrulnik – Stand up comedy show
  • Feli de la Garma – My dream life
  • Fernando Sanjiao – solo
  • Unstable
  • Juampi Gonzalez – Single
  • The disgrace
  • Luly – The poison of my life
  • Martin Pugliese – Sinatra
  • my mother my girlfriend me

Riding school

  • blue and christmas
  • The madman and the shirt
  • Lapland
  • the barbaric gestures
  • mom is younger
  • Martin Dardik – The Fork
  • Momi Giardina – Anything we call you
  • Nanutria – The Little Show


  • – Bachelor Party
  • How to avoid falling in love with a jerk
  • strings
  • Dispossession, a familiarly bipolar comedy
  • Radojka



  • Anna is light
  • Coast is partying
  • Dady Brieva the wizard of time
  • secrets of the clan

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How to get concert and theater tickets with up to 90% discount