How much does it cost to go to the best concerts in Colombia for the rest of 2022?

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In major cities of Colombia have been carried out concerts with celebrities of international and national stature, who have been successful in improving tourism and entertainment in the country.

Therefore, for the remaining days of October and November of this year there will be events of musical interest between Bogota and Medellin that, if they are to your liking, you can analyze whether to go with a limited budget and with options to visit tourist spaces in the host city.

In the capital, the concerts of Guns N’ Roses, Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Daddy Yankee and other renowned artists of various musical genres during September and October, with good stages and spaces to receive hundreds of spectators.

In order to continue receiving fans of music and art, the concerts that Bogotá will give arePablo Alborán on October 27 at the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Theater, Sebastián Yatra at the Movistar Arena on October 28 and that same day the Youth Philharmonic Choir will perform at the Parque de la 93.

In case you want to attend the Alborán and Yatra events, Ticklete offered tickets for the former, starting at $161,997. but they are already sold out.

For Sebastián Yatra and his Dharma world tour, Tu Boleta offers tickets in various stands of the enclosure. For the southern fan grandstand, each ticket per person is $375,000, as is the northern fan grandstand at $285,000. Floor 2 at $199,000 and floor 3 sectors 301 to 319 is available for $95,000.

If you want your pocket not to feel the weight of each entry it is better to settle on the third floor and enjoy the concert on friday october 28 to be able to enjoy other plans offered by the capital, such as going to monserrate, la candelaria and downtown museums.

If you live in municipalities bordering Bogotá, you can choose to arrive by land transport through fleets or take a car trip.

for November there will be a concert by Ska-P, The Killers, C Tangana, Arctic Monkeys and Bad Bunny in Bogotáamong others.

Outstanding: The Killers and Hot Chip in concert on November 8 in Colombia

For its part, Medellín offers spaces for musical entertainment with artists such as Diego Torres, Axel, Carla Morrison, Alex Ubago, Bad Bunny and a tribute to Luis Alberto Posada, during November.

For example, if you live in Cali and want to go to Bogotá to watch The Killers and the following weekend you want to be a live spectator of Alex Ubago in Medellín, to reduce costs you can book accommodation in hostels or applications like Airbnbwhere the building is close to the stadium or place where the concert is held, to save on transportation.

Also, both cities offer public transport with which you can move on the roads with landmarks and stations at strategic points. Transmilenio is the option in Bogotá and the metro in Medellín.

The event called Only for Posadistas, Luis Alberto Posada 45 years, will take place on November 11, 2022 at the Hangar Aeroparque Juan Pablo II. Colboletos offers boxes from $1,200,000 to $3,600,000. The VIP ticket has a cost of $70,000 if you want to go in the company of another person or on your own and not in a group.

Nodo Hostel offers rooms from $90,000 per night for 2 people, with an online rating of 6.7. On the other hand, Los Patios Hostel offers 2 nights for $348,740 for two adults with a rating of 8.8 on Booking.

If you compare prices and quality of places, it will be better for your pocket and enjoy concerts. Remember to pay in cash to avoid acquiring long-term debt with credit cards since the price of the dollar is reaching $5,000.

Diego Torres will be accompanied by Bacilos and Alejandro Lerner for the event that will take place on November 5 of this year at the Plaza de Toros La Macarena in Medellín. La Tiquetera does not have the digital page available for the purchase of tickets and it is the only option to obtain them.

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How much does it cost to go to the best concerts in Colombia for the rest of 2022?