June 30, 2021

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How many soloists does SEVENTEEN have? Know their songs

How many soloists does SEVENTEEN have Know their songs

SEVENTEEN consolidated their career in the music industry thanks to their bold and youthful proposal, their talents were reflected in each comeback and some of the members already had the opportunity to debut solo, who are they?

At the moment, SEVENTEEN is one of the musical groups with the most active members and in promotions, the talent and dedication is something visible in the 13 singers and rappers that made CARAT fall in love with their songs.

Idols of the boy band of the agency PLEDIS Entertainment compose, produce, write, create choreographies, raps and are part of the creative process of each comeback and although they are a great team, each one of them shines with their skills.

The members from SEVENTEEN that debuted as soloists with independent projects, they wore their voices, powerful dance, raps and songs that were the perfect mix of their vision as artists.

Do you know how many soloists there is inside SEVENTEEN? Next, you will meet the idols of the boy band led by S. Hits who hold the title of stars in lonely They took over the industry with their themes.

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All SEVENTEEN idols who are already soloists

Jun from SEVENETEEN released ‘Can You Sit By My Side?’, this song was in Chinese and her sweet voice was heard in the ballad that CARAT supported, from that moment he premiered other songs such as ‘Silet Boarding Gate’.

Also ‘CROWN’, ‘Fall In Love’, ‘ECHO’, fans enjoyed the Chinese version of ‘Thanks’ and covers like’ Down In Sandbar ‘, participated in the OST of the drama The King Eternal Monarch with the theme’ Dream ‘ in Chinese.

In 2019, Xu Minghao premiered ‘Dreams Come True’ a solo song that featured a dance performance that left CARAT sighing, the clip of the song has already exceeded one million views on the YouTube platform.

The member of SEVENTEEN Then he released ‘Falling Down’ with a contemporary choreography that was a success and in 2021 he released his new song ‘Side By Side’, this song had a version in Korean and Chinese.

On April 2, 2021, Hoshi de SEVENTEEN He released his first solo mixtape titled ‘Spider’, it shared a name with the title track.

The main MV of the project has already surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. What did you think of the idol’s song?

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