How India is taking over the concert economy on a global stage –

Concert rigs will continue to flourish and will be the power grids of technical resources for the global stage.

Por Himanshu Kumar

Bharat (India) has always been a country, focused on innovations, giving rise to entrepreneurship and micromanagement, in all its states. Everyone from the farmer to the blacksmith participated in some form of micro-business model. For a long time, the country has stayed away from the culture of ‘Naukri’ or jobs. Whether in the village or in the state, each region of the country was an ecosystem in its true nature, connecting with each other.

Each profession knew its individual work and worked quite hard to provide the desired result. For example, farmers stuck to their food supply, carpenters secured tools for a variety of operations, and architects designed the foundations for the region. But, nevertheless, that possibility of work did not exist. All professionals in the trade were self-employed of some kind. Everyone from the priest to the blacksmith to the bricklayer were freelancers working on individual projects and then moving to cities for larger projects.

Fast forward to the 21st century and into 2021, the gig economy continues to thrive and has proven to be a driving force in shaping the future of the Indian economy. According to a BCG report, the gig economy has the potential to serve up to 90 million jobs (roughly 30% of India’s non-farm workforce), adding up to 1.25% of India’s GDP. India and create millions of new jobs in all sectors of India. economy.

The unique feature of this concert-based relationship is what makes it unique. It fosters unique employment relationships that are established beyond any traditional measure. The process eliminates traditional working methods in multiple ways; primarily by removing the employer-employee barrier.

Also, the flexibility in terms of desired trades and the hours they decide to dedicate is what makes the transaction interesting. Companies also enjoy similar flexibility, as they do not have to rely on dedicated employees, which gives them the advantage of reducing fixed pay and social security.

To give this labor economy a decent boost there are multiple urban platforms that are promoting opportunities for gig connoisseurs who want to stay ahead by challenging the status quo. Looking at the way the ‘gig economy’ is increasing, we can say that ‘technology’ is finally being used to amplify good. You are working on a simplified model to create and share equal opportunities for all.

If we look at it, Bharat (India) has been at the forefront of technological evolution, often adapting to the best in a short time. These cases can be witnessed around our jump from Euro 4 to Euro 6 emission standards and the switch from 2G to 4G, with a short period with 3G. Looking to the future of technology, we might also have a better chance of skipping the electric revolution in search of the hydrogen opportunity.

This is what the country is and what it has always been! The way it has adapted to digitization, moving from traditional to digital payments, banking and data penetration. In addition, the world’s greatest threat, the pandemic, could not stop the momentum of this evolution either.

The evolution from ‘Work from home’ to ‘Work from anywhere’ is setting a positive tone. The entire employment industry has witnessed major change in the past two decades. Employees have stayed home and made the most of their isolation with the same balance of productivity and health.

Looking to the future of the Bharat we live in today, concert platforms will continue to flourish and will be the power grids of technical resources for the global stage. By looking at the current pace, we can say that the country will be at the forefront in technology, manpower and skills.

(The author is a co-founder of MyMobiForce. Opinions expressed are personal).

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How India is taking over the concert economy on a global stage –