Hopefully the torchlight march is not foreign interference: Miguel Briceño

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- The presidential commissioner for Reforestation and the Environment (Apremahn), Miguel Briceño, stated that he hopes that the torchlight march called for next Tuesday, July 18, is not an interference by entities outside the national territory.

And it is that the Study Center for Democracy (Cespad) summoned Hondurans to carry out a torchlight spot, in the capital of the Republic, having as a starting point the Guadalupe Catholic Church, on Morazán Boulevard, demanding the arrival of the International Commission against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (CICIH).

Brinceño assured that being promoted by an NGO that did not support the march of the torches, it could be an interference by those who contribute money to these organizations from abroad.

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Apremahn Commissioner, Miguel Briceño.

“I am going to remind these people to be more original because they are using something that started from the Honduran people, not a political party. This is a call that comes from NGOs, those that are financed with funds from the US government and hopefully it is not interference“, he stated.

However, he recommended that the Honduran population, regardless of their political party, join the march and carry their flag. At the same time, he pointed out that the installation of the CICIH it will take a while.

«I have nothing against NGOs, but they play economic interests and not the country, this came from Cespad. They, during the mobilization of the torches, never supported us and today they want to be the saviors of Honduras, that is a farce. They are looking for an interest to handle other things later, “he said.

Free drives torchlight march

The presidential adviser and coordinator of Free, Manuel Zelaya Rosales invited Hondurans to be part of the demonstration.

“Call to initiate mobilizations throughout the country for the approval in the CN of the Tax Justice Law, objected to by COHEP and the bipartisanship, and in support of President @XiomaraCastroZ for the installation of the CICIH,” he wrote.

Likewise, deputies and members of the government party said they would be present.

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Hopefully the torchlight march is not foreign interference: Miguel Briceño