Héctor Tricoche left “resting” at home after suffering from a heart condition for years

Hector Tricoche He left surrounded by his family in Massachusetts after suffering from heart disease for years, according to what salsa singer Jesús Pagán shared with this medium, who just over a year ago recorded with the interpreter of tame wolf the topic She told you about me.

“He died at home with his wife, his daughter and a great friend. I don’t know exactly if it was a heart attack that gave him in the end, I imagine it was because that was his condition that he suffered from, I imagine that was the reason for his death. He was already convalescing for the past month, month and a half more or less, from the (heart) condition, he was in poor health and was at home resting, and unfortunately last night we learned the bad news of the death at home “accurate.

“It was what he wanted, to be with his family,” he said.

Tricoche passed away last night at 66 years of age. There were only 12 days left until his birthday on July 29. He suffered from heart failure, according to 2007 press clippings. At that time she was waiting for a heart transplant. He also revealed that she had four open heart surgeries.

Despite his delicate health, he did not stop ringing.

“He was a serious person with his affairs, humorous, very humble, he always greeted the musicians, always affectionate, a person of great joy,” Pagán recalled. “Salsa worldwide has just lost one of the giants of romantic salsa and of the golden age of salsa in the 80s and 90s, and who today was considered a legendary figure in tropical music”.

Like Pagán, the musician and percussion teacher Eguie Castrillo highlighted Tricoche’s great talent.

“The loss is very great. He was a tremendous singer, a tremendous performer. There are the themes that he hit, tame wolf, pin pin parakeet, all these songs that he did with Tommy Olivencia, there is the legacy. We shouldn’t let those legacies die, we should keep playing his music because that way he’s going to survive. The loss is great, but ‘the show must go on’”he reflected.

Castrillo learned of the death through his colleague Pagán. Through him he also knew about Tricoche’s clinical deterioration.

“The doctors couldn’t do more for his heart. It was a matter of waiting,” she said.

Pagán and Castrillo do not know if Tricoche finally obtained the heart transplant.

So far there are no details about the possible funeral rites of the Juanadian salsero.

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Héctor Tricoche left “resting” at home after suffering from a heart condition for years