June 29, 2021

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He was Joaquín Sabina’s manager for 22 years and today he lives in poverty and loneliness

He was Joaquin Sabinas manager for 22 years and today

“Paco Lucena He approached the bank this morning and found that he had no money. Zero. It is June 22 and he receives the self-employed pension, 680 euros ($ 77,500), on the 24th of each month. He takes out a small purse, unzips it, and shows it to the journalist. ‘Look, this is it: a few coins. The powerful manager Paco Lucena does not even have three euros“, he jokes”.

“He is in his house, an old apartment in the depths of the Aluche neighborhood, in the south of Madrid. The blinds remain half down and the curtains are extended. It is twelve in the morning, the sun is shining out there, but in that house motley shadows reign“.

This is how the note published in The country from Spain on the man who led Joaquín Sabina’s career. According to the note, this man who for 22 years managed the destinies of the singer-songwriter today “lives in poverty and loneliness.”

The good old days: Paco Lucena started working with Joaquín Sabina in 1978. Photo: Paco Lucena

Lucena began working with Sabina in 1978. From there until 2000, when the singer was on tour with the album 19 days and 500 nights.

“The record company did not believe in Joaquín succeeding there,” he said when it occurred to him that he had to “attack” the Latin American market.

“They said they weren’t going to understand their Madrid slang. I had to do everything myself, pulling phone and contacts. The result is that for 30 years Joaquín has been one of the greatest artists on the continent ”.

Apparently, according to the note signed by the journalist Carlos Marcos, 1996 was the best year for Sabina, and for Lucena: they bought a Mercedes and a villa in an exclusive area of ​​Madrid, where their neighbors were Victor Manuel and Ana Belén.

“Our relationship was not going well. Joaquín suspended many concerts because it was always bad, we felt the wear and tear, we shouted at each other… ”, he commented.

"Our relationship was not going well", recognized Paco Lucena about his link with Joaquín Sabina. Photo: Paco Lucena

“Our relationship was not going well,” acknowledged Paco Lucena about his relationship with Joaquín Sabina. Photo: Paco Lucena

In 1998, they finally parted ways. “But after two months he calls me Isabel Oliart, mother of the musician’s two daughters, and begs me to pick up Joaquín in Buenos Aires because he had fought with Fito Páez“, with whom he was recording the album Intimate enemies.

“Really to me who she kicks me off is Isabel Oliart, which takes care of managing its administration. I had plenty of it because she wanted to take everything herself, “said the former manager of Marxist beliefs who joined the Communist Youth and eventually became part of the Central Committee of a Communist Party of Spain.

The question is if Sabina would have gotten this far without her beloved presence. The answer you found The country It was from the journalist and writer Julio Valdeón, author of the singer’s biography, Sabina. Sun and shadow (Ed. Efe Eme, 2017):

“Paco Lucena was one of those managers who are forged by accident. A restless, well-traveled and cultured man who meets the singer-songwriter of La Mandragora and accompanies him on his path to success “, the text points out.

Paco Lucena, between Sabina and Silvio Rodríguez, in good times. Photo: Paco Lucena

Paco Lucena, between Sabina and Silvio Rodríguez, in good times. Photo: Paco Lucena

And complet: “He is not responsible for the success of Sabinabut there is no doubt that it played an important role. One that went beyond management, not always canonical, it must be said. Let’s say it connects with the style of other mythical representatives, who supplied the amateurism of the moment with tons of complicity and enthusiasm ”.

Lucena: “Yes, I have had money, I have won millions of pesetas a month, but he always invested it in music and was trapped. I never had large quantities. The truth is that I did not know how to invest well what I earned. What’s more, I never signed contracts, because I’m an asshole. I have always sealed the agreements by shaking hands. I didn’t even have a contract with Joaquín”.