He spends 6,700 euros organizing a music festival for 200 people in his parents’ garden

A British youtuber spent 6,000 pounds (approximately 6,700 euros) to create a festival for 200 people in the back garden of his parents’ house, with a party bus and a chocolate waterfall among other things.

in 2021 Jack Hodgson, 23 years olddecided to launch “the mother of all festivals” to celebrate the end of the pandemic, after missing out on meeting friends for a long time due to covid restrictions.

Jack persuaded his parents, Rosie, 53, and Stewart Hodgson, 54, for letting her host the meeting in their 2 1/2-acre backyard at the family home in Darlington, County Durham.

Jack and a team of mates set about throwing a party before the idea escalated and they started throwing a one-day music festival, which they called ‘Rush’.

Jack started organizing it in January 2021, with the main event taking place in August of that same year. He managed to secure a collaboration with the record label After Hourswho put on DJs and sold t-shirts for £20 to cover the cost of the event, which counted 200 attendees.

After the success of the festival, Jack said that the plan is to hold the festival annually to see how far it could go and this year he was documenting its construction through videos on TikTok that you can see in full by playing the main video of the festival. News.

Jack, a video maker from Darlington, County Durham, explained: “During the lockdown I didn’t see my friends for a long time because my parents were considered high risk as they both had kidney transplants a few years ago. His mother, Rosie, gave my father, Stewart, a kidney.

“We had some old stables at the bottom of the garden, he had friends and we thought we could do something there.”

“I wanted everyone to have a good time after covid, it had been a pretty bad time and the goal was for everyone to have the best time possible, we just did everything possible,” he explained about that first festival.

But the party was much bigger in 2022, they once again had the collaboration of After Hours, they had different DJ performances on the main stage, several fully decorated rooms, a party bus in the garden, bathrooms, a bar with drinks and even a chocolate waterfall.

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He spends 6,700 euros organizing a music festival for 200 people in his parents’ garden