He made a fortune selling “pirated” T-shirts of famous bands: the consequences can be disastrous

a woman who won £250,000 selling pirate t-shirts Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fightershas been ordered to return £140,000 or go to jail.

The woman, from Norwich, pleaded guilty to selling pirated music band T-shirts. his name is Johanna Donnelly and is 48 years old. The aforementioned admitted 20 crimes of sale and infringement of trademarked items and another fraudulent trade charge following an investigation by the Newport City Council.

Johanna Donelly, the woman who could go to jail for selling “pirate” band shirts

According to WalesOnline, between June 19, 2017 and July 2, 2018, the council carried out test purchases through various sales platforms and, after receiving the shirts, the city council sent them to a brand consultant for the corresponding bands. It was concluded that the shirts – which were labeled as official merchandise of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, The Stone Roses, The Stranglers and morethey were not authentic and there was no consent from the brand owners to sell the items, which were deemed to be of poor quality. That’s how he told it loudersound.

Donnelly, of Parr Road, Norwich, was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court to six months in prison with suspension of sentence for 12 months, 150 hours of unpaid work and 10 days of rehabilitation activities.

In a hearing held under the Illicit Proceeds Act, it was determined that the defendant had obtained £250,000 from his illegal sales and available recoverable assets amounted to £141,655. Judge David Wynn Morgan ordered the leading lady in the courtroom to pay the sum within three months, or face five months in prison.

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He made a fortune selling “pirated” T-shirts of famous bands: the consequences can be disastrous