June 18, 2021

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“He knocked your teeth out” Frida reminds Alejandra of the mistreatment!

He knocked your teeth out Frida reminds Alejandra of the

The daughter of the singer, Alejandra Guzman, was more forceful on this occasion when responding in a letter reminding his mother of the moment in which Enrique Guzman “I blow his teeth” he assures.

He pulled his teeth at you, always abused you in every way and you go out to say such an absurd speech and out of reality?

Frida sofia once more attacked his mother’s accusations, Alejandra Guzman, who once again came out in defense of her father in the face of comments of “alleged abuse” that the young woman herself said she suffered from this close relative since childhood.

Frida Sofía has released forceful statements in which she has strongly pointed out to the rock singer, her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, of having made alleged “undue touching” when she was still little.

He abused and punched my grandmother, you cried at the thought of her little purple eyes.

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After the 53-year-old “queen of hearts” came out in defense of her father, Frida Sofía once again shakes up the controversy and gives new statements in which she reminds her mother of her aggressive attitude! Grandfather reminding her of a very particular moment when he assures her “knocked out her teeth”, in addition to the fact that he not only committed abuses against her but also with Silvia Pinal herself.

By means of a letter, the daughter of the prominent figure of the show, Alejandra Guzmán and Pablo Moctezuma expressed feeling great sadness at the fact that the interpreter of “La Plaga” continues without accepting the true facts and confessing the truth, “when you know perfectly who he is, he points out in the publication.

Likewise, Frida Sofía assures that she puts an end to the chain of silence, denial and of continuing to hide what should be known, in the same way, she indicates that she feels “proud for daring to speak it.”

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Frida invites the “rock star”, Gabriela Alejandra Guzmán Pinal, to heal just as she is doing so she hopes it won’t be long before that happens.

I want to heal and I hope that you also want to do it in the not too distant future so that you can be well and with a clear mind.

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On the other hand, the 29-year-old model tells Silvia Pinal’s daughter not to continue saying that she has mental problems since she does not suffer from them, on the contrary, she would seek to be an example for all those people who have gone through abusive situations.

Today I hope that families wake up and believe their children and that women learn not to remain silent, he explained.

Meanwhile, Enríque Guzmán is going to court not only for the formal complaints against Frida but also against the journalist to whom his granddaughter gave strong statements, Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

That girl will not get away with it whoever falls, she said in one of her court visits.

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On the other hand, after learning that the music star, Alejandra Guzmán Pinal, would remove her only daughter, Frida Sofía, from her will, she revealed “that she did not care and that things are not given away to later throw herself in her face.”

Better tell the yo-yo, to give me back my house, but first my innocence, my childhood, my freedom, and my “purity” since it was also stolen from me because of her! Yes, because of her, for being drunk and unconscious and bringing any man to the hotel, always.