He is Diego, the boy who will see Rammstein thanks to the fans of the band

We are sure that many around here would give anything to meet their favorite artists or even see them live and in full color. However, we know that it is not always so easy to fulfill that dream, but it is not always impossible either. Such as the fans of Ramsteinwho are getting together so that a child can see Till Lindemann and company.

As you may remember, a long time ago the German band announced several dates at CDMX, scheduled for October 1, 2 and 4 at Foro Sol. But not everyone got a ticket and that is the case of Diego Israel, an 11-year-old boy, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, whose only wish is to go to one of his shows.

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Rammstein fans are raffling so that Diego can go to a concert of the band

went through the page RamMexicans where the case of this child was disclosed. turns out Diego is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the immune system itself. For various reasons, his mother, Diana, could not buy him tickets for the Rammstein presentations. in the Chilean capital. Nevertheless, the band’s fans organized themselves not only to give them tickets to the shows, but also to p

“His dream is to be able to attend the Rammstein concert in Mexico and to be able to meet the band. If we come together to make a stuffed animal go viral… I know we can come together to help this kid fulfill his dream”.

Rammstein fan post says

Rammstein fans unite for a child to launch into CDMX concerts
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“God and the saints fill you with blessings. See you on October 2 at Foro Sol, I hope to meet you in person”Said Diego Israel in a video that he sent to the followers of the same page. The most wonderful thing of all is that the metal band is demonstrating the solidarity that exists between them, Well, they keep depositing wool so that this little boy can fulfill his dream.. But not only that, well Their intention is for their case to go viral and they can contact Till Lindemann and company.

We talked with Diego and his mother about his story

As we could not stay without the desire to know the full story, At Sopitas.com we had the chance to talk with Diego and his mother, Dianawho told us that her son’s fanaticism for Rammstein arose because both she and her husband have been playing the music of the German band for yearsever since I was a baby.

“Diego saw that they were going to be here in Mexico and he told me ‘mom, I would really like to go to a concert’ and I said ‘oh yes, my love, it would be incredible. Let’s see if we can do something or if we lose, the members of the group send you a greeting”.

However, they decided to share their case on the different fan pages that Rammstein has in our country and after a few weeks of waiting, they managed to get in touch to see if something could be done for this child. Fortunately, The followers, especially of this and other pages, got their act together and proved to be raffled.

To give you an idea of ​​the support, until the time of writing this note, They already have tickets for one of the concerts at CDMX. In addition, they also raised money to accommodation for both and it is a matter of time to gather what is necessary for Diana’s flights. Although the help did not stop there, since the fans want to give them an extra so that they have travel expenses and thus do not have to spend anything on their trip to the capital of Chilanga.

“It is very impressive to see everyone’s support because the truth is, we did not expect it. I saw it as very impossible, so to speak, that at most we could get a greeting or something. But no, then everyone got together and began to send the publication (…) They already contacted us from many pages and there I saw that my child’s dream could be possible.

This little Rammstein fan told us that his dream will finally come true

Of course we also wanted to listen to He and Diego told us about their favorite Rammstein songs, which are “Sonne”, “Du Hast” and “Engel”. But not only that, he also told us that he is very excited not only for the music and to see his favorite band livealso for the show they bring with this tour and that will surely be three epic nights at the Foro Sol.

“Thank you very much for your support. I always thought that I would never go to a Rammstein concert, but I see that it is possible”.

Diego said about all the help he is receiving to fulfill his dream.

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He is Diego, the boy who will see Rammstein thanks to the fans of the band