Hayley Williams (Paramore) experiences a tense moment on her show: “Do you think this is a horror show?”

Hayley-Williamsthe vocalist, main songwriter and keyboardist of the rock band paramore He has starred in a memorable moment and this time it would not have to do with music. Hayley Williams is one of the strictest singers on stage and she made it very clear after what happened at one of her concerts in Toronto.

The truth is that when you think of Paramore you do not imagine that it will put on a show where fights can break out, but that is exactly what happened at a concert of the famous band in Toronto, Canada, earlier this week. The group played in the historical place of the city on Monday night (November 7)the pop punk superstars took the stage to sing just four songs.

Hayley Williams stops her concert after witnessing a fight in the public

while it sounded “Caught In The Middle”belonging to the famous album ‘After Laughter’ In 2017, the singer realized that something was happening, a crowd of people surrounding two individuals began to get bigger and bigger and Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams decided to interrupt the concert when she saw that it was a fight.

When she then witnessed the commotion, singer Hayley Williams asked her bandmates to stop playing their instruments: “All alright?” she asked, as video taken by a fan swerves to capture the aftermath of the apparent crash. “Okay, shall we have a fight? Oh man. What do you think this is, a horror show?” expressed with a certain tone of anger the interpreter of “Still Into You”. Clearly exasperated by the situation, Williams went on to say bluntly that Paramore “not a hardcore band”before identifying everyone involved in the melee and inviting the two culprits to “break away”immediately.

After the atmosphere calmed down, Hayley joked that she felt like a teacher scolding the audience: “You have me up here acting like a teacher. Punishment for everyone!” to which the attendees would respond with a laugh forgetting the bad time they had just experienced. Finally, order was restored at the concert. Williams ended with a warning to his audience that read: “Better not have to do that again”since he had to interrupt the concert and therefore lost the thread of how he had to continue.

To this day, Paramore has returned to the stage and this time brings new music after presenting us with their first single in 5 years, “This Is Why”, which will shape his new album with the same name and will be available on February 10 through Atlantic. On the other hand, the group has announced tour dates for the UK, Ireland and North America for next year.

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Hayley Williams (Paramore) experiences a tense moment on her show: “Do you think this is a horror show?”