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A few years ago, at a press conference presenting ‘Expectations’to the vocalist Enrique Bunbury They asked him for his opinion on reggaeton and he replied with a certain irony that he did not know if there was a representative in the genre at the level of John Lennon or Bob Marley. He reaffirmed that position last March when asked if that type of music denigrated women or not and, of course, there was no lack of that question in the interview he had John Destroyer with the wandering Aragonese in The number 452 of La Heavy. the singer of Heroes of Silence reply.

Apparently, bunbury He continues in his thirteen, so his answer does not differ too much with respect to what he already expressed previously. These were his words when we asked him if he had already found the John Lennon or to Bob Marley of reggaeton: “I don’t listen to any reggaeton either, so it’s hard for me to find what I’m not looking for anymore. But if you know of someone who has that quality and talent, don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll fully immerse myself in their discography..”

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This same 2023 we will have the first concerts of bunburywhich will begin the December 5 in Buenos Airesand that in 2024 will have the stretch that will end on June 29 in Madrid.

The list of performances bunbury remains as follows:
December 5, Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 9, Santiago de Chile, Chile
December 11, Lima, Peru
December 14, Quito, Ecuador
December 16, Bogota, Colombia
June 8 (2024), Mexico City, Mexico
June 12 (2024), Guadalajara, Mexico
June 15 (2024), Los Angeles, United States
June 18 (2024), New York, United States
June 29 (2024), Madrid, Spain

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bunbury has been done with the cover of the number 452 of La Heavywhich is for sale at our online store and in the best newsstands in the country, with a great interview around the release of the album Greta Garbo. Metallica, Wildebeest, Warcry and La Renga accompany the Aragonese among the outstanding contents of this issue. Run to your nearest kiosk or visit our online store so as not to miss anything.


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Has Enrique Bunbury found the John Lennon or the Bob Marley of reggaeton? The singer of Heroes del Silencio responds – MariskalRock.com