Harry Styles for his concert to find a very special person in the audience

attend a concert Harry Styles It is a unique experience. The British has made sure that his shows are memorable and that they are loaded with all those songs that have become the soundtrack for all his fans. What he did not know is that not only his audience can take any surprises at his concerts.

The British artist is enjoying the concerts of his Love On Tour. In one of them, precisely he has received a pleasant surprise that he has even stopped the show. Harry asked his followers for help, since among the audience was the one who was his first teacher at school. They were all pointing to a woman, which made it easier for him to find her. And there she was!

Grinning from ear to ear, Harry tried to chat with her from the stage. She asks how she is and takes the opportunity to thank her for everything she did for him when he was little. And there are teachers who mark for life.

As we mentioned in previous lines, Harry is on concerts around the world. Spain is included in his list of concerts, with July 29 being the date chosen to delight his fans in our country with his live music. The WiZink Center is more than ready for this moment.

Harry Styles’ name has become news in recent days after talking about One Direction’s comeback. It does not close the door to a possible return of the boyband, which has undoubtedly given hope to their fans. “The idea itself is nice. I don’t know, I mean, I think it’s really nice to think about it. I think we all went through something very special together and there’s a lot of love out there. So yeah, I think there is a time so that we can do it the right way I think it would be great if it happened,” Harry said in an interview with The Spout Podcast.

At the moment we will have to wait to see what happens, but what is clear is that Styles is enjoying, and a lot, his solo stage. Maybe you just have to see how he enjoys on stage to see his fans giving everything with his songs.

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Harry Styles for his concert to find a very special person in the audience