Harry Styles cancels several of his upcoming concerts due to health problems

Bad news for Harry Styles fans. british artist has been forced to postpone several concerts of his tour love on tourwho was currently on his way through the United States, due to a health problem.

The artist seems to suffer from a slight health problem due to the flu, and despite his attempts to keep the showfinally the doctors have advised him to restso several of their concerts in the United States have been affected.

with his love on tour, the presentation tour of his latest album Harry’s House, the British artist has immersed himself in his biggest and longest tour to date. His album, one of the best sellers of the year, has taken him on a very demanding world tour, which seems to be taking its toll on him.

Because there is still a lot of tour ahead of him, because throughout 2023 he will also tour Europe, with several stops in Spain included, Harry Styles has decided to heed the recommendations of the doctors and take a break. Also, once recovered from his flu, he will take precautions so as not to have to be forced to suspend more concerts.

For the tranquility of his Spanish fans, Harry Styles maintains his concerts in Madrid and Barcelona from 2023since there are still quite a few months for the British artist to arrive with his love on tour to our country.

The Harry Styles concerts that have been canceled have been those that were going to take place on November 5, 6 and 7 at the Kia Forum pavilion, in Inglewood, (Los Angeles, California, USA). These concerts have been postponed to January 26, 27 and 29, 2023.

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Harry Styles cancels several of his upcoming concerts due to health problems