Guns N ‘Roses concert in Guadalajara, still without authorization from Mesa de Salud

The concert of the musical group Guns N ‘Roses “in Guadalajara do not have authorization yet of the Health Board for its realization, reported the Government of Jalisco.

“Due to the current epidemiological panorama and the increasing trend of COVID-19 indicators in Jalisco, at this time the events of” Guns N ‘Roses Concert “and the” 30th anniversary of Omnilife “are not authorized,” he said in a release.

He explained that the Health Board, the body in charge of managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Jalisco, determined in yesterday’s session that There are still no conditions for the approval of more events for the remainder of July or next August.

Guns N ‘Roses concert is promoted for October 7 upcoming, while Omnilife’s 30th anniversary event is scheduled for September.

Nor was an endorsement given for the realization of other events and concerts that recently requested permission from the Board of Health.

Guns N ‘Roses Concert: You can apply for a new permit

However, the organizers of the Guns N ‘Roses concert and anniversary event they can still request permission prior to the scheduled date.

“These events can re-submit a request to be carried out later for evaluation, which will depend on the situation of the pandemic in the state,” the statement clarifies.

The authorized events in Jalisco

On the other hand, it was indicated that events that already had prior approval have authorization.

Those that do have permission are artistic presentations in Plaza del Sol, with a capacity of 200 people; Pride Zapopan, with a capacity of 500 people; the Chivas Cup in 5 venues from August 8 to 15; and the events of the Degollado Theater, all these without exceeding the capacity already agreed.



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