Guns N’ Roses apologized after interrupting their concert at CDMX due to “bad organization”

The members of the American group Guns N’Roses Axl Rose and Slash, during a performance in Madrid. (Photo: EFE/Victor Lerena/File)

After months of waiting, the day finally came. Guns N’ Roses returned to Mexico City to delight all their fans from the capital with their iconic songs, but unfortunately not everything turned out as expected, because due to “bad organization” the legendary rock band had to interrupt their show, unleashing annoyance among the attendees. For that reason they offered an apology dissociating themselves from what happened.

A few minutes after finishing the concert they offered last Friday, October 21 at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, Guns N’ Roses went to your account Twitter to pronounce on everything that happened before and during his Show. Without going into details, the band led by Axel Rose clarified that they were scheduled to play longer, however, they had to leave the stage because there were several failures that did not allow them to continue as they wanted.

(Twitter capture: @gunsnroses)
(Twitter capture: @gunsnroses)

Thank you Mexico City for an amazing night! We’re sorry the show had to be cut short, we wanted to play some extra songs, we had to find our production team who are working hard to make sure this show runs smoothly considering the issues we had before the show.

With this, the band not only evidenced the difficulties that both they and the public faced in order to carry out the presentation, also revealed that they wanted to offer more to their audience in the capital, as they planned to play more songs, but unfortunately it was not to be. However, they extended a special thanks to all their fans for their dedication and to their production team who did their best at all times to speed things up.

“Special thanks to Opie, our Production Manager, Gio, our Head of Venue Security, our company Siteco, and the rest of the team,” they tweeted.

And it is that while the group was giving itself to its Mexican public once again after the shows they offered in Guadalajara and Yucatan while outside the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium there was chaos, as reported by some attendees through their social networks.

“A chaos the organization of the concert of Guns N’ Roses”. “Terrible organization at the concert Guns N’ Roses in the blue stadium ONE ticket for general A, B and first row? Deadly funnel!”. “Who the hell did the access logistics? So that they run him NOW, because he did it with his legs and that is to say little”. “What a water. What a waste of energy, time and money”, were some reactions on Twitter.

According to the information shared by some fans, since they arrived in the vicinity of the venue that a few years ago was the home of the Blue Cross They noticed serious organizational errors, as there were huge lines to enter and they did not advance even though the concert was about to start. As expected, tempers flared as soon as the famous band hit the stage and while many had hoped to get in before Welcome to the jungle, they didn’t.

(Twitter capture)
(Twitter Capture)

So far the organizers have not commented on the matter and after the chaos some Twitter users joked about the situation with funny memes, while others were grateful to live near the Stadium because thanks to that they managed to listen live to Guns N’ Roses without going through everything that happened.


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Guns N’ Roses apologized after interrupting their concert at CDMX due to “bad organization”