Guitarist Augusto Gallegos, founder of the musical group Llama Viva, dies

Nicaraguan guitarist Diógenes Augusto Mondragón Gallegos, known in the world of music as Augusto Gallegos, founder of the national classic rock band “Llama Viva”, died this Wednesday, September 15, at the age of 68, according to different publications in networks social.

Although none of the friends who have expressed their regret over the death of the musician have mentioned the causes of his death, government media affirm that Gallegos died “after struggling for several weeks with severe health complications.”

«You left friend … Rest in the arms of the Lord, and let the Perpetual light that we all long for shine for you. Diógenes Augusto Mondragón Gallegos RIP. Have a good trip Friend (sic) », Reynaldo Ruiz Borge, one of his friends, wrote on his Facebook account.

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For its part, the musical group Llama Viva declared itself in mourning for the death of its founder. Living Flame of Mourning. Llama Viva feels the passing of its CO-FOUNDER teacher AUGUSTO GALLEGO, a teacher of the generation, who always expressed his love for music, inspiring great musicians ».

Gallegos was born on October 20, 1952 in the “San Sebastián” neighborhood of Managua. According to biographical data, Gallegos had painting as his first artistic hobby. Later he began to play as an apprentice musician in 1970 and had Germán Ruiz Mena as his teacher.

Today the legend of rock and guitar Diógenes Augusto Gallegos went to heaven. My sincere condolences to his children, wife and family. We will always remember you. You will live in our hearts and memories. Long live Augusto GAllegos! This photo was on a day like today, 09-15-2019 at Mondongo Rock », Sonny Montano wrote on Facebook.

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«Today a legend of national rock has left us. Diógenes Augusto Gallegos was one of the best guitarists in Nicaragua, founder of the legendary group “Llama Viva” in the 70’s. I remember his requinto solos when they played music by Santana. Rest in peace, ”declared Francisco Mejía.

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The death of Gallegos occurs amid a wave of deaths in the country as a result of respiratory diseases, associated with Covid-19. Although the Ministry of Health only recognizes a weekly death due to the pandemic, in hospitals that care for Covid-19, up to 23 deaths are reported in a single day, without being recognized by the health authorities as a consequence of the virus that has the world.

The official institution reflects in the statement that includes from September 7 to 14 a total of 675 new positive cases and a single death. Those 675 affected, represents 60 more cases compared to the first week of this month, where the Ministry of Health reported 615 affected by the virus.

Meanwhile, the independent Covid-19 Citizen Observatory reported on Friday, September 10, in its latest weekly report that in the first week of September Nicaragua registered a total of 1,865 suspected cases of COVID-19 and 329 deaths attributable to the virus.

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