Guayaquil celebrates its festivals with festivals and virtual concerts broadcast on networks | Community | Guayaquil

José Luis del Hierro, Jhonatan Luna, Giampiero, Maikel, Daniel Betancourt, Nicole Rubira and other artists will perform in the show this Friday 23rd.

The massive concerts that were traditionally held on the avenues of Guayaquil for their founding or independence parties were relegated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until 2019, the streets were stages for the presentation of dozens of artists. The Simón Bolívar boardwalk, Machala avenues, in the south, and Isidro Ayora, in the north, were roads that housed thousands of people who came to enjoy the shows.

In October of last year the concerts were resumed, but in virtual form. The artists went to a stage in a theater in the city, performed their songs live and left the place, to make way for other singers and groups. The event was broadcast on social networks.

This Friday 23 will start the music and dance festival for the festivities of Guayaquil, organized by the Municipal Public Tourism Company.

At 18:00 the opening of the event will be held with 15 dancers from Zaydance Studio, dancing traditional Guayaquil songs.

Then the artists José Luis del Hierro, Jhonatan Luna, Giampiero, Maikel, Daniel Betancourt, Nicole Rubira, Diego Chiang, Renkai and Karla Kanora will perform.

On Saturday it will be the turn of the genres cumbia, jukebox and tecnocumbia. Starting at 18:00, Máximo Escaleras, Aladino, Sanyi, Hilda Murillo, Nathalie Silvana, Jenny Rosero, Christian Jaramillo, Jaime Enrique Aymara, Sebastián Jaramillo, Salma and the group Las Chicas Dulces will perform.

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Finally, on Sunday the presentation of the Guayaquil City Band, Los Diamantes de Valencia and Don Medardo y sus Players orchestras is expected.

These last two groups will close the concert in honor of Guayaquil and have had outstanding participation in events at the national level and abroad.

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This series of concerts will take place at the Centro de Arte Theater, at kilometer 4.5 of Carlos Julio Arosemena avenue, north of the city.

The cantonal Emergency Operations Committee (COE) allowed the minimum capacity for this event. (I)