Guatemalan fans paint the preview against Jamaica Blue and White

Since the start of the Gold Cup, the Guatemalan fans have shown unwavering support for their soccer team, becoming a key factor in the team’s performance in the tournament held in the United States. The Guatemalans, far from their homeland, have given up everything to support the Blue and White, and their fervor has been essential for Guatemala to feel at home in each game.

A love for the selection from the debut

The first flash of passion for the Guatemalans came in the match against Cuba, where they recorded an important 1-0 victory at Lockhart Stadium in Miami. Guatemalan fans filled the stands of the stadium, transforming it into a sea of ​​blue and white flags, as well as chants that propelled the team to victory.

In the next match, Guatemala faced Canada at Shell Energy Stadium in Houston. Once again, the Guatemalan fans responded massively and packed the stadium. His constant and energetic encouragement was a driving force for the team, which managed to draw 1-1 against one of the group’s favourites.

“The fans were outstanding. They were the 12 man of them, I say that with a lot of confidence, and they made the game exciting,” said Canada coach John Herdman.

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In the group stage, the Guatemalan team needed a win to secure their place in the quarterfinals. The match against Guadalupe at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey was a real challenge, but the Guatemalan fans did not hesitate to continue supporting them fervently. As the game progressed and the score became adverse, the energy of the Guatemalans intensified. His unconditional encouragement was vital for Guatemala’s epic comeback, which ended up winning the match 3-2.

Thanks to these impressive supporting acts, Guatemala managed to lead their group with 7 points and advance to the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup. Their next challenge will be to face Jamaica at TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Guatemalan fans paint the preview against Jamaica Blue and White
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The fans are presented before Jamaica

But the dedication and passion of the Guatemalan fans were not limited only inside the stadiums. Hours before each game, the streets of the host cities were filled with the blue and white color of the Guatemalan flag. Guatemalans residing in the United States and those who traveled from their country of origin joined in a celebration filled with music, dance and joy, demonstrating unparalleled pride in their team and their nation.

In Cincinnati, the city where the next match will be played, the Guatemalans also made their presence known. The streets were painted Blue and White, and the fervor was felt in every corner. The unconditional support of the fans has been a testament to the love and passion that Guatemalans have for their team, and has provided an invaluable boost to the players in the tournament.

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Guatemala is now in the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup, and the anticipation and excitement is at its peak. The Guatemalan fans are preparing to continue accompanying their team on this exciting path, with the conviction that their support will continue to be an inspiring force for the Blue and White.

The entire country is united in a feeling of hope and pride, because beyond the results on the pitch, the support of the Guatemalan fans has shown that Guatemala, as a nation, is willing to fight and get ahead.

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Guatemalan fans paint the preview against Jamaica Blue and White