Grupo Tao: They rescue songs from the Uruguayan band and edit them on a new album

The word Tao refers to the path and meaning of the life of each being. One of the objectives of this path is to teach humans to integrate with the rest of nature and to flow in harmony. This concept so widespread by Buddhism and Confucianism only began to be integrated by Western countries in the middle of the last century after the psychedelic boom and the countercultural revolution that hippieism began. It was like that During the 1970s, Grupo Tao was formed in Uruguay, a band that many today consider to be “the missing link of candombe beat.”

Probably inspired by these spiritual currents of the East, almost five decades ago some friends decided to form a musical group that fused surf rock and the lysergic guitars that predominated in that era with the rhythm of the drums and the African heritage that has so marked the sound identity of Montevideo and its surroundings. However, for various reasons, only four songs from his repertoire are known to date: “Quiéreme un poco”, “Nobody cares about me”, “La divagancia” and “Un taste of honey”.

Fortunately, everything changed a while ago when Eduardo Balas (one of the founding members of that project) found in his house a box with nine songs recorded on March 18, 1970. Within the unpublished material there are three covers of other artists, a potpourri and five songs of Grupo Tao. Most of the tracks are fronted by their vocalist Nilda Ciparelli.a true pioneer in the midst of a scene that at that time was almost entirely led by male figures.

Today we can finally enjoy that material in an album titled Circa 1970album edited by Cólera for youa subsidiary of the independent label Little Butterfly Records. Listen below or on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music):

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Grupo Tao: They rescue songs from the Uruguayan band and edit them on a new album