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A complete success. The is at the height of his musical career and having filled the Foro Sol for three consecutive nights is the greatest demonstration of this. Although nothing can overshadow the party and everything achieved in those days, it is also important to mention that there is a certain detail that the members of the band led by they can lament.

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And it is that now the Mexican group will be forced to pay an economic fine for having breached a rule of their country for extending the fun of the thousands of spectators who bought their ticket and packed the stage of the most relevant concerts of his career. musical.

Many wonder what has happened so that the Firm Group have to pay an amount of money because of a fault, so in this note we will detail what its members did to be mentioned in a small controversy that was also recorded on the different social networks.

The band led by Eduin Caz performed three concerts in a row at Foro Sol with all tickets sold (Photo: Grupo Firme / Instagram)


In one of the three concerts that took place last week in the great Sun Forumthe members of the Mexican band did not want to end the party and, encouraged by the attendees, sang one song after another despite the fact that the planned time had already ended and thus fulfill their fans, who did not want the concert to end.

However, that decision would cost them a bit dearly and the same Eduin Caz I was aware of that because, from time to time, I mentioned that they were going to be fined or that they had to pay the penalty after the presentations.

As we know, in It is a fault that the concerts do not end at the time that was planned with the authorities, so the offenders will have to pay for their irregularity.

In the event in question, the end should have been at 10:45 p.m., but the musical themes were extended and it ended about fifty minutes later. Although the band will have to lose a few pesos to pay the fine, the fans that night went home more than happy.

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What can be seen in the Law for the Celebration of Public Shows in CDMX is that the fine for not respecting the time of an event is varied and ranges from 10 to 50 days of minimum wage.

In other words, the Firm Group must pay between 8,643.50 and 17,287 pesos and will have to wait for the exact amount to be indicated for exceeding 50 minutes of concert.

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Grupo Firme: the fine you must pay for having extended your concert at Foro Sol by 50 minutes | Eduin Cáz | Celebs from Mexico | nnda nnlt | FAME