Grupo Firme concerts among the most lucrative

The Grupo Firme tour continues to hit hard with its fans and according to a commercial publication that covers the concert industry, the Mexican regional band remained the week of July 15 among the five most lucrative at the moment worldwide.

The Mexican group ranked fifth on Pollstar’s list of the 20 most successful tours, with average revenues of more than 3.1 million dollars per city.

The first place went again to Paul McCartney, with a collection of more than 6.6 million dollars per city, followed by the joint tour of Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, with 4.9 million, and Ed Sheeran, with 3.5 millions.

Ricardo Arjona also continues on the list, in 17th place, with revenues of more than $945,000 per city.

Here are the most lucrative world tours with average box office receipts by city and average cost per ticket for the week of June 27. The list is based on information provided to trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

In October 2021the group talked about the three consecutive dates they sold out in Ontario. In May 2022 the group performed their first concert at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

1. Paul McCartney; $6,648,075; $250.10.

2. Def Leppard/Motley Crue; $4,943,028; $133.83.

3.Ed Sheeran; $3,511,709; $85.85.

4. Kenny Chesney; $3,200,754; $103.46.

5. Firm Group; $3,162,734; $106.99.

6. Eagles; $2,766,749; $231.75.

7. Elton John; $2,652,102; $138.76.

8.Justin Bieber; $2,437,021; $108.03.

9.Eric Church; $1,931,447; $109.86.

10. Morgan Wallen; $1,661,349; $153.95.

11.John Mayer; $1,612,402; $129.47.

12.Iron Maiden; $1,595,285; $70.18.

13. KISS; $1,518,670; $79.06.

14.Lady Gaga; $1,437,278; $280.01.

15.Journey; $1,160,092; $102.17.

16. Hans Zimmer; $965,077; $98.40.

17. Ricardo Arjona; $945,544; $123.80.

18. Machine Gun Kelly; $864,909; $86.77.

19.Maxwell; $817,289; $108.18.

20.Little Mix; $768,851; $73.07.


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Grupo Firme concerts among the most lucrative