Green light for the covid pass at concerts and festivals

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia has endorsed the Generalitat’s proposal to extend the covid digital certificate to festivals and concerts. Until now, and since last Friday, the health passport is a requirement to access the interiors of nightlife establishments.

Catalonia enters this midnight, early Friday morning, into a new phase in which most of the restrictions applied to contain the spread of the coronavirus will disappear.

Bars and restaurants recover the hours and capacity of before the pandemic

All capacity limits will be eliminated, except for indoor sports events (80%) and nightlife (70%). The usual capacity is recovered in the rest of activities: the hotel industry, commerce, universities, congresses and fairs or amusement parks, among others.

In addition, the time limits are abolished, which in the hotel and restaurant sector were set at one in the morning.

With the new package of measures, which does not affect the mandatory conditions of the use of the mask, Catalonia is very close to a situation of normality. The high vaccination rate (84.1% of those over 12 years of age have received the complete schedule) and the improvement in the epidemiological situation (the number of patients in the ucis has dropped this week from one hundred for the first time in 14 months ), justify the de-escalation.

The Government does not consider extending the compulsory nature of the covid pass to other activities

The health authorities explain the implementation of the covid digital certificate in nightlife, festivals and concerts with standing public in which they are activities that encourage interactions. In this sense, the mask is mandatory in all interior spaces as long as you are not eating or drinking. Also on the dance floors, where drinking is prohibited.

The covid pass accredits that the person has received the complete vaccination pause, that they have a diagnostic test with a negative result or that they have passed the infection in the last six months. The Generalitat does not intend to extend its use to other activities.

Less than a hundred patients in the Catalan ucis

In fact, the TSJC authorized the use of this certificate since last Friday and for a period of two weeks. That is, next week the Government will have to decide between eliminating the remaining obstacle or proposing to the Superior Court of Catalonia an extension of its application.

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