June 10, 2021

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Green light for Fira de Juliol concerts, but with «security»

Green light for Fira de Juliol concerts but with security

The councilor for Citizen Protection in Valencia, Aarón Cano, participated in the meeting with the first mayor; the acting subdelegate of the Government in Valencia, Luis Felipe Martínez; the Autonomous Secretary for Security and Emergencies of the Generalitat, José María Ángel, and those responsible for the National Police, the Civil Guard and the Local Police of the city.

The mayor has specified that the objective is “to study all the security measures in the face of the new situation”, in which “new activities” are already taking place, such as concerts, which “it is good” that they take place but “in an organized way “And” responsibly. ” “We are going to study the framework in which we want them to develop, improving normality” and “with great responsibility,” he insisted.

Ribó confirmed the prohibition of the Night of San Juan, but explained that other initiatives such as concerts, including those of the Great Fira de Juliol, are taking place and can be developed “in an orderly manner.” The mayor said that in the activities promoted by private initiatives “one must also be aware of the preventive measures that must be taken” and again urged “responsibility.”

The Councilor for Citizen Protection, Aarón Cano, valued the “coordinated work” of all the Security Forces and Bodies to “face a new and different situation” in the Covid-19 pandemic after the state of alarm fell, the touch of remains and start vaccination against this disease.

Aarón Cano also explained that despite starting the road to the new normal, it cannot be forgotten that “we continue in a pandemic situation”, for which he has stated that it must “ensure that the return to normality is in conditions of absolute security ”. Thus, he has spoken “not only of the classical criteria of safety but of pandemic criteria of safety”. “Economic activity has to come back but for it to come back solidly,” he said.

In the case of concerts, he considers it important to do “intense preliminary work.” «We have to work on these types of situations beforehand because at the moment they happen it is impossible. There is no human force that stops 4,000 people wanting to have fun, “he said, while confirming the will to” face problems. ” “It is not a question of the furniture of the concert but a preliminary work to raise awareness,” added the councilor for Citizen Protection.