Goyo, Tostao and Slow: more united than ever!

After their concert at the opening of the Fiestas del Mar in Santa Marta, where they warmed up the Rodadero beaches in celebration of the 497 years of the most beautiful bay in America, it was Cali’s turn, in the XXVI edition of the Festival of Music of the Pacific Petronio Álvarez. The traditional Citadel, next to the El Pueblo Coliseum, vibrated with joy and emotion with this concert. Continuing with this small tour through the main cities of the country, they arrived excitedly at the Summer Festival in Bogotá, the capital that welcomed them for years and for which they feel a deep affection. And to close with a flourish, the Medellín Flower Fair received Goyo, Tostao and Slow Mike at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, who raised the temperature to more than 15,000 attendees who were delighted with their most recent hits such as Bitcoin, Morena and Let me dance; as well as his classics Where I come from, Nuqui, When I see you, among others.

They arrived once again with their unique talent and a series of concerts in Cali, Bogotá and Medellín… What does it mean to you to continue bringing your talent to all your followers?
We are very excited to continue touring Colombia. We love every corner that has seen us grow. And knowing that we were able to be at the Petronio, at a festival with our people and roots, makes us proud. Medellin, not to mention; We have so many families everywhere that every time we arrive we feel at home, and this time was no exception. We had a wonderful time.
What else is coming for ChocQuibTown in 2022?
A lot of music with the group and also each one with solo projects too… We support each other in everything. We want to fulfill dreams and make our career a symbol and history.

How was the opening show in Santa Marta?
Tremendous! Our chocquibhouse doesn’t fail us! That’s what we call our affectionate followers. It was exciting to feel everyone’s affection, to hear them sing and to know that they are always faithful.
How to stay current in a scene with so much emerging talent?
We are aware of this and we share and keep up to date with our sound and what we want to project; so we go with all the irons and a pliers also on the way.

What has been the most special and significant in this 2022?
All! It is a year in which each one has lined up their personal dreams. Goyo with her solo project, growing and showing all her feminine strength on stage and vocally. Tostao with his project Exotico pa’l mundo, a musical proposal that has its DNA in a sound that has become a trend. Slow is a production machine, he works with big names in the industry and comes up with something huge, which he will soon tell you about.
What is ChocQuibTown’s next unfulfilled dream?
Stay united and support each other as the family we are. The rest, God already knows and he will show us the way

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Goyo, Tostao and Slow: more united than ever!