Goodbye Ferrari, hello to 6ix9ine’s humblest vehicle

Let’s put aside his Rolls-Royce or Ferrari, to focus on the opposite: 6ix9ine’s cheapest vehicle. At Tork we teach you the value of this truck, which despite being the humblest of the rapper, is a dream for an average citizen of the United States. Don’t miss it!

Discussing his eccentric private life could take a huge number of paragraphs, which is not what you want. The truth is 6ix9ine we are accustomed to seeing him with a lot of money on top of or on board the best supercars, although on some occasions he surprises his followers.

Despite having at least ten cars, there is a vehicle that powerfully surprised the attention of the followers, since its price is well below the average that Tekashi 6ix9ine usually spends on his means of transportation. Even so, it is an SUV that is not available to everyone.

What is the vehicle of the artist?

6ix9ine on top of his Chevrolet Tahoe 6ix6i

It’s about the Chevrolet Tahoe, the most economical of the artist. It is an automatic transmission SUV that presents itself as an amazing family option. Among its main characteristics, a series of details that provide unique comfort stand out.

Within the 5 meters long that the truck has, there is a V8 engine that provides a power of 285 CV and a maximum torque of 441 Nm. These numbers allow it to reach 170 km/h, although its greatest virtue is its ability to tow 3,500 kg with brakes.

This spent 6ix9ine on his truck

With numerous Rolls-Royces and supercars in excess of $250,000, This $48,400 pickup truck doesn’t go unnoticed in 6ix9ine’s garage. Despite being his humblest vehicle, the artist couldn’t wait and decided to personalize it, as with the vast majority of his cars.

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Goodbye Ferrari, hello to 6ix9ine’s humblest vehicle