Goodbye, Dr. Simi? Like when you’re in the middle of a concert and the audience throws a camera at you

We know that People can be very passionate about their favorite artists and even give them some pretty weird gifts.. In Mexico we have the case of the famous Dr. Simi, who is in the best events and even (although not everyone likes this curious tradition), we always see him together with great musicians and there are those who always thank their fans for the detail of giving them something.

However, there are also those who prefer to throw something more modern and useful at the same time, that they can even use in their day to day. As happened recently with the good Steve Lacy, who received one of the worst gifts that his fans have given him because just when he was on stage, giving it his all and raffling like the greats, someone thought of throwing a video camera at him… just as you read it, it’s not a joke and that’s the whole story.

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Steve Lacy had a camera thrown at him at a show and he wasn’t amused

All this happened on October 24 at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans. In the middle of his presentation, Steve had to deal with a disrespectful public, because the artist of “Bad Habit” was hit with an object. A video shows Lacy asking a fan in the front row to hand over a disposable camera – likely the thing that hit him – which he proceeded to break.

However, things did not stop there. the 24-year-old ended up stopping the concert, telling fans: “Don’t throw any mi3$&@ on my fucking stage please!” In a statement in Steve Lacy went on to say: “I don’t think I owe anyone an apology… Maybe I could have reacted better? Sure, I’m always a student of life, but I’m a real person with real feelings and real reactions. I am not a product or a robot, I am human and I will continue to give everything in these shows. Please come with respect for yourselves and for others. Please, thank you, I love you.”

Moral of this story: “Always think carefully about what you want to give something to your favorite bands or artists.” Above all, consider the size and weight of the gift you seek to give, as just as it happened in this case, the camera that came to his head was nowhere near hitting him and that the situation ended in something worse.

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Goodbye, Dr. Simi? Like when you’re in the middle of a concert and the audience throws a camera at you