Gimeno accuses of “breaching” the concert to the differentiated education schools

The Government of Chivite continues to yield to pressure from its partners to organize the Navarra Education. The Minister of Education of the Government of Navarra, Carlos Gimeno, has launched a new ‘attack’ on schools that had differentiated education after at the Table and Board of Spokespersons have claimed to rescind the concert.

Gimeno has stated that, after a visit by the Inspection service to the differentiated education centers on the occasion of the beginning of the course, “it has been recorded that have failed to comply with what they have signed “to be able to be concerted centers with the Provincial Government and has warned that “obviously what the Government has to do is demand compliance with the law.”

It should be remembered that, at the time of signing the concerts, the Provincial Government recalled that, according to the new state lawHe, the LOMLOE, it was not possible to establish agreements with the differentiated education centers and that they should renounce this model in order to continue with the concert.

Gimeno has assured, to questions from journalists at the end of a press conference, that “the Inspection service has already transferred the relevant information”, in the absence of “qualifying” the minutes, and has explained that at the school Miravalles “Education is organized in a differentiated way from second to sixth of Primary and in the first year of Primary Education it is not organized in a differentiated way, students of boys and girls are mixed”.

At El Redín school, as explained by Gimeno, “there is no first in Primary Education and the rest of the levels, from second to sixth, are organized in a differentiated way with boys in the classrooms”. “On Irabia there is no first of Primary education and the levels from second to sixth are organized differently by sex, with only boys, and in Izaga, boys and girls are mixed in the first year of Primary Education, and from second to sixth they are organized differently, being made up of only female students ” , has pointed out.

Gimeno has pointed out that “now the Inspection has to transfer the official report to the Directorate General of Education to analyze the situation. “

In any case, it has stated that “it is clear that -the centers- have failed to comply with what they have signed and obviously what the Government has to do is enforce the law“.

“What a government has to do is comply with the law, I cannot conceive of a government that does not enforce it. Now, in what way is this going to be fulfilled and how is this question going to be worked on, we are analyzing it. The legal services begin to analyze this situation, to transfer the possible administrative procedures that are contemplated in the educational regulations in the first instance. From there, in the next few days, I understand that quickly, the Department of Education will establish the most appropriate administrative procedure in this regard to restore legality, “said the counselor.

Continuing along this line, the counselor has considered that ” legal services of the Department, I understand that quickly, they will transfer a legal situation to me, a description of the legal, normative, administrative possibilities, to make a political decision “.

In addition, the counselor has explained that he has not had “a formal conversation with these centers” on the matter. “If that I received a call last week from the director of Irabia commenting to me the circumstance that the Inspection services were present and that they began the calendar the next day, without any further problem, but regarding the question no type of contact has been maintained nor do we understand that we have to maintain itWe will basically analyze the situation and from there we will establish the way to comply with the law, “he assured.

Article: Soure