June 10, 2021

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Gian Marco tells us all the details of his new album ‘Mandarina’

After 31 years reaping a solid musical career and achieving success on several continents, Gian Marco just released his sixteenth album during the toughest months for artists, in the midst of a pandemic. With an average of 15 daily interviews in full promotion, the Peruvian composer gives us a space in his busy schedule to reveal to the readers of HI! USES the source of inspiration for his latest production and the key to enhancing the wonder of Peruvian music. He states that the album once again deals with themes of love and heartbreak, such as Calm in me, Mirage O Start again they are a real surprise.

Gian Marco©Custom
Gian Marco just released his sixteenth album, Mandarina

As the singer affirms, the album is called “Mandarina” not only because of the homonymous single that it has as a cover letter, but because its new proposal “has a similarity with the mystery of a mandarin, with the freshness, with the intrigue, with what Are you going to eat, what are you going to listen to? It is a commercial name, it is a name with color, which has joy. The album has folklore, it has those touches of our Andean folklore. It has a lot of handwriting, a lot of color. “

A promoter of Peruvian culture and a born fighter for the growth of the music industry in his country, the composer reveals that the video clip was recorded in the Peruvian district of Chorrillos, but the bar is located in the town of Miraflores. Given his active effort to promote music in his land, he trusts that talent is not something that Peruvian artists lack, but that “it is a matter of understanding the industry, of how to get to different places.”

On numerous occasions, he makes an effort to say that the most important thing is to know the industry, since to develop a good musical career not only does singing serve, but also finding a good team and developing a good job.

His grain of sand began to contribute towards the year 2006, when he returned to live in Peru. He dedicated himself for 4 years to developing an educational project at the music school of the UPC (Peruvian University of Applied Sciences). The Peruvian affirms that “there are many people who have left school who are already producers, who dedicate themselves to advertising music. There are many people who have appeared in plays before the pandemic, there are people who have played in the theater ”.

Gian Marco©Custom
The Peruvian composer celebrates 31 years reaping a solid musical career and achieving success on several continents