June 15, 2021

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Gian Marco returns with the voice of a prophet

Gian Marco returns with the voice of a prophet

Gian Marco is not a clairvoyant, but the music made him have an episode that could classify him as such, and that is that in February of last year, shortly before the pandemic worsened, he released his single “Start Again”, together with Diego Torres, without predicting that that would be the message behind the new normal.

“It was something very crazy and we talked about it a lot with Diego the day we released it, because we did the duet in Colombia, I was on tour there and he was doing a singing contest program, we met, recorded and automatically started the pandemic .

“And I never imagined that this song was literally going to be something like that, because in March the pandemic began and everything changed so much, the way the world was viewed, the intrigue, the doubt,” the singer-songwriter shared in an interview.

However, apart from this slowing him down, the confinement motivated him to release his new production Mandarina, available on platforms, in which there are dumbbells with Torres, Coti and Rozalén, in addition to 7 songs of his authorship.

“I have not stopped making music because it is my job, I am very happy in this and thank God I can continue to practice what I love.”

Gian Marco, singer-songwriter

“With that name I realized that it had a certain metaphorical meaning with what I lived and with what my album brings, it has joy, color, and that feeling of uncertainty.

“Because when you open a fruit like a tangerine, you don’t know what is going to touch you inside, it can be a bit sweet or more acidic and that’s how it has been,” explained the Peruvian.

Gian Marco

Gian Marco

(Reform Agency)

This is the album number sixteen of the artist, aged 50, a very special material for him because it comes in the framework of the celebration of his 31 years of uninterrupted career, to which he now adds the fact that he has managed to conceive this project in the crisis health and get ahead after more than a year in contingency.

“My word is gratitude, they say that from time to time you have to hug yourself and say to yourself: ‘How well you’ve done, you’re doing well’, and when I think about my entire career I say: ‘Wow! … I’m tired of it’ “said the interpreter, laughing.

“No, it is not true, you never tire of doing what you love, there are stationary moments, pause, retrospective but I have my company and I am with a very good work team and that I want, because I could not have arrived up to here without them and I continue to make music to have a good time and change lives or try to do it, because music has changed me and it continues to change me, ”he added, moved.