July 3, 2021

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Gay Pride Parties: Are there parades, parades and floats and what about the concerts?

Gay Pride Parties Are there parades parades and floats and

More than 50 years ago, On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall riots took place in New York, which owes its name to a pub located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, and which are considered the beginning of the modern fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Since then, every June 28, the progress made is celebrated across the globe and the path that remains to be traveled is vindicated.

The date, defended by many as a great celebration of diversity and the freedom to be and live with dignity and without fear, also serves as a tribute to all the people who fight in their day to day to achieve a more just, egalitarian and respectful of human rights society.

Traditionally, June has been considered as Gay Pride monthBut this year, at least in our country, the celebrations have also crossed the July border. In fact, the official acts began on June 25 and will last until next Sunday, July 4.

In this sense, Madrid has been considered for years as the epicenter of the celebration in Spain and one of the most iconic capitals of the movement in the world, with the Chueca neighborhood as the most representative place and its parade and demonstration as the high point of the events.

When is the 2021 Gay Pride parade?

After the pause caused in 2020 by the global pandemic situation, this year the celebrations take to the streets again, albeit with nuances. And it is that, the state Pride march, which will be held on July 3 in the Madrid capital, will not be like those that remain in the retina and that evoke colorful and massive parties.

Madrid Orgullo (MADO) advocates returning to the street while respecting all health and safety measures. A) Yes, this year there will be no concerts or floats or mass calls, apart from the demonstration, and the consumption of beverages on public roads is not allowed. The demonstration will begin at 20 hours from the Carlos V roundabout (Atocha) and will end in the Plaza de Colón.