From Texas to Guadalajara: Vicente Fernández fan travels to “give support” to the hospitalized singer

GUADALAJARA – Admirers of the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández on Saturday gave creative samples of their affection for the ranchero interpreter, who for a week has been in poor health after a fall in his native Guadalajara.

Since the news of his hospitalization last weekend, his fans have come to the clinic to sing to him, bring him flowers and even immortalize him on a mural.

Roberto Márquez is a Mexican who lives in Texas, United States, where he is dedicated to the plastic arts, so he traveled from that country to undertake a mural inspired by the “Charro de Huentitán”.

His children report that the popular interpreter is stable and intubated in the hospital.

The artist explained that, when he learned that Fernández was hospitalized, he decided to take his brushes and dyes to travel to Guadalajara, where this Saturday he installed his canvases and materials on the street, next to the hospital, to accompany the singer.

“What happened with Vicente and I thought that I could not miss it, come to give support in a difficult situation and that it is also my land, it would have been a disgrace not to come,” said the well-known painter, like Robenz.

The large-format mural uses the cubism technique to reflect the image of the charro that has always characterized Fernández.

The medical staff is still attentive to the evolution of the artist, after being intervened for a fall at home.

“For me, he is one of the people that inspires me the most, when I return home and I need to relax I always put on his music, it is what I always return to, I like all his music but especially the song of ‘Sleeping Volcanoes’, but all his music is beautiful ”, he expressed.

Márquez intends to visit the ranch “the three foals” to give the artistic piece to the Fernández family and dreams that it will be Vicente himself who can receive it.

In recent days, some fans have come to the hospital to perform songs that made Fernández famous and leave flowers for the singer.

Some preferred to leave the offerings until the gates of their ranch, located in the municipality of Tlajomulco.


According to the latest medical report, revealed on Friday, the singer begins to respond to physical therapy, so he is stable, awake and with mild sedation.

The hospital announced that the doctors will release a new update on his health status next Monday and Fernández is expected to stay a few more days in the hospital.

Fernández has overcome several diseases in recent years, including prostate cancer in 2002, the removal of a liver tumor in 2012, a thrombosis that caused him to lose his voice in 2013, and surgery to remove three abdominal hernias in 2015.

Although in 2016 the singer announced his retirement from the stage, he has remained active on social networks, recording songs and making special presentations with his children and grandchildren, who have followed in his footsteps in Mexican popular music.