From Bob Dylan to Lana del Rey: Sergio Mayer’s little-known side as a concert promoter in Mexico

Sergio Mayer has served as a great promoter of concerts in Mexico, and has brought in incredible artists from numerous genres (Photo: PHOTO: GRACIELA LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM – Twitter / @NoMeDicenPepe)

“Beautiful country, beautiful sky and beautiful people. Love forever ”, can be read in the blog of the National Auditorium from Mexico City, signed by the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and dated 2008.

After the Nassau tour that landed in the national territory, one of the key pieces was Sergio Mayer, actor and businessman Little known for his role as a concert promoter in Mexico.

According to the businessman himself, in an interview with Alejandro Castro from The Sun of Mexico, also a singer and even a deputy during the most recent legislature has been one of the fiercest opponents of large entertainment companies in the country.

His struggle led him to consolidate a series of concerts above the gigantic consortiums, who were ahead of the game on renowned tours such as that of Bob Dylan at the National Auditorium or that of David Guetta at the Azteca Stadium.

Sergio Mayer has stood out as a concert promoter in Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Sergio Mayer has stood out as a concert promoter in Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In this context, he assured the media that one of the main potholes on the road was the lack of money, and not because he did not have to invest, rather because his adversaries are not afraid to raise the amounts until local entrepreneurs throw in the towel for insufficient funds.

In addition, he assured, once with the artists in the bag, get sponsors, banks, companies or people who want to invest in the event it is usually complicated by being all together in a gigantic and monopolizing network of events in the country.

“Although I did not lose money and I did not win, because I had the satisfaction of having brought it,” he told the newspaper in relation to the concert of Bob Dylan in Mexico City.

But then where did the money come from for Sergio Mayer could fight for such concerts? The challenge needed a sacrifice of equal size, so the former public official mortgaged his house, with the blessing of his wife.

Poster of the concert that Bob Dylan had at the National Auditorium with Sergio Mayer as the main promoter
Poster of the concert that Bob Dylan had at the National Auditorium with Sergio Mayer as the main promoter

In accordance with Mayer, mortgaged his house and then paid, at least in two concerts: that of David Guetta and Bob Dylan. With that money he was able to pay the necessary advances to ensure the arrival of the artists.

But perhaps the concert that has the most memory in Mexico, organized by Sergio MayerIt was around 2013, when he got involved in Lana del Rey’s tour.

The story goes that through their social networks, Sergio Mayer asked who he wanted to see in concert, and being King’s wool the most requested, got down to work.

In November 2013, the singer’s first visit to Mexico was completed, with a tour that landed in the Pepsi Center del WTC, in the Naples neighborhood, which was filled immediately.

Sergio Mayer with Lana del Rey (Photo: Twitter / @NoMeDicenPepe)
Sergio Mayer with Lana del Rey (Photo: Twitter / @NoMeDicenPepe)

Months later, Sergio Mayer announced that Lana del Rey would return, but in October 2014 and with two full concerts in the National Auditorium, one of the most prestigious venues in the history of CDMX.

A couple of photographs published by the businessman himself survive from those concerts, of whom it is not very common to find photographs with the artists with whom he has been involved.

Some other artists that appeared on his long list as promoter of entertainment in Mexico were Redfoo, from the famous band LMFAO, the Colombian singer Shakira and even the interpreter Enrique Iglesias.


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