France bans New Year’s Eve concerts and fireworks

  • The French Government announces that it will only give the health passport to vaccinated people

  • He will also call on soldiers and firefighters to accelerate the collapsed third dose campaign.

The French Government announced this Friday the concert ban Y Fireworks on New Years Eve. Faced with a fifth wave of COVID-19 cases that continues to grow and the threat that the omicron variant has escaped since the beginning of January, the Prime Minister Jean Castex this afternoon detailed new restrictions in France.

“Must avoid big parties and the great concentrations & rdquor ;, assured in an appearance from the Palace of Matignon in Paris. After having closed the discos at the beginning of the month, the centrist Executive wants to prohibit for the Christmas parties all those activities that involve large groups of people, without affecting traditional family meals. Instead of a precise number – 6, 8 or 10 – we must rely on common sense: the fewer we are, the less risks we will take& rdquor ;, asserted the prime minister.

After Wednesday the number of daily positives will exceed 65.000 – an unprecedented figure since April – the strong circulation of the pandemic is already affecting French hospitals. More than 15,000 patients of covid-19 are currently hospitalized and this Friday they registered 163 dead. The situation is beginning to be worrying in the neighboring country, although the Executive rules out such harsh restrictions (closing of bars and restaurants, night curfews, etc.) as those announced in Denmark. With a presidential election just around the corner (April 2022), he prefers to avoid the most unpopular measures.

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“We will mobilize the military & rdquor;

Instead, it is committed to reinforcing restrictions on unvaccinated people and accelerate the campaign of the third dose. Castex announced the drafting in January of a new law to convert the health certificate into a vaccination passport. After the adoption of the text, the negative tests will no longer be valid to have the covid-19 pass, necessary in France to participate in all kinds of leisure, cultural and sports activities. Only the vaccinated will have it. “It is not admissible that the refusal of a few million French to be vaccinated puts the life of an entire country at risk and burdens the daily life of the vast majority of French people,” he criticized. In addition, he announced a reduction from January of the time necessary to inject the third dose. Instead of five months after the second it will only take four. “We will organize the conditions for an exceptional mobilization. And the state will mobilize the military trained for it & rdquor ;, Castex specified about the resources allocated to speed up this vaccination campaign. After the Gallic authorities announced the mandatory supplementary injection to have a health passport —As of the seventh month after the second — the system has almost collapsed. These long lines to get the third dose contradict what is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), which prioritizes vaccination in poor countries.

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France bans New Year’s Eve concerts and fireworks