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Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the world. Fortnite celebrates it with music from its artists and skins.

The sounds of the music and art festival Coachella they arrived at Fortnite. From now until May 16, tune in to the idol radio in your Vamos de paseo vehicles to listen to a series of artists who will participate in the event in 2022. In addition, to celebrate the return of the festival, there will be new objects and skins related to the event.

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Coachella It is one of the best-known music festivals in the world, due to the impressive concerts that are staged and the special art installations. For this and more, this festival is one of the most visited each year and in 2022 it will return to the Indio desert, California after two years without festivals.

On Thursday, April 14, the first wave of Coachella memorabilia will arrive. This wave includes the skins Rough Y Lyric plus matching accessories for each.

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Speaking of waves, the Bronco skin’s matching accessories are the Little Teeth retro backpack (included with the outfit), the Neon Teether Pick and the Teeth Style paper, all inspired by sharks. The Bronco outfit comes with the alternate style cosmic equalizationwhich reacts to music.

With the Lyrical outfit, take out your thorns with the colorful cactus retro backpack (included with outfit) and switch strings with the peak festival guitar electric (both react to music). Like the Bronco outfit, the Lyric outfit comes in the alternate style cosmic equalization, which also reacts to music. The two skins will be available within the Coachella Party Bundle.

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The second wave of items will arrive on Thursday, April 21. This wave includes the outfits High Y Poetess (both react to music) plus matching accessories for each. Living life in the front row, Alto’s matching accessories are the festive Sonic Waves retro backpack that reacts to music (included with the outfit) and the tropical beak Electropalm tender.

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To combine with the daring of Poetisa, wear the retro backpack cosmonaut helmet from another world (included with the outfit). Lastly, make your way down the thorny path with the Cactic Crusher Pickaxe and become stars with him main stage role. The entire second wave could be purchased individually or as part of the bundle. Dancing at Coachella. In addition, this lot includes the loading screen Enter the Coachellaverse.

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Fortnite: New Coachella skins and items – CodigoEsports