Former Garibaldi sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexual abuse against his daughter

In December 2020, Ricardo Crespo was accused by his wife of sexually abusing their daughter Valentinewho was 14 years old at the time.

According to the complaint, the victim had suffered sexual abuse by her father since childhood and on various occasions until the time of the formal accusation. Thus, in February 2021, the former member of the Garibaldi group was arrested by the Prosecutor for the Investigation of Sexual Crimes of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) and taken to prison.

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Now, after proving his guilt, the actor was also sentenced to 19 years in prison.

The legal representatives of the young woman were in charge of announcing the verdict. “On May 3 of the present, a trial judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City decided to sentence Ricardo “N” to 19 years in prison for having found him guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse, committed continuously against her daughter”, mentioned the lawyers Olivia Rubio Y Sergio Arturo Ramirez it’s a statement.

Months after the legal process began, her daughter decided to give her public testimony.

“I experienced sexual abuse from my father since I was five years old, this was from five to 14 years old. October of last year, I decide to speak first with my mother, my grandmother and brother. I tell them and ask them to please They still don’t do anything about it. Less than a month passed and I decided to report it,” Valentina confessed in a video that she released a year ago on her Instagram account.

“It cost me too much, it was not easy for me. Obviously to this day I come to think that it was my fault,” he continued. “I come to think about all that, many things that come to my mind, but you know all those years that I had kept that away were worse because I was killing myself inside alone.”

Ricardo Crespo will be held in a Mexican prison; it is unknown if at some point he will have a chance to reduce his sentence.

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Former Garibaldi sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexual abuse against his daughter