‘Forbidden to prohibit’: AMLO on massive concerts despite third wave COVID-19

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reiterated that his government will continue with its policy of prohibiting prohibition after being questioned about his opinion on the concert massive on Baja California, despite the third wave that the country is experiencing due to the pandemic COVID-19.

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“We, from the beginning, made it clear that people’s decision was going to be respected, that we were going to trust people, that people were going to take care of themselves as it was done, that they were going to act responsibly, and that it was forbidden to prohibit, that nothing by force, everything by reason and conviction, “said the Mexican president in his morning conference from the National Palace.

López Obrador made it clear that the decisions to authorize mass events correspond to state governments

“They have authority, not everything depends on the federation. If there are these concerts, the authorization is granted by the state governments and they must have some justification for why these permits are given, ”said the Mexican president.

He pointed out that other cities in the world thousands of people march because they no longer want to be subjected to sanitary measures strict.

“In New York they just did a concert, in Paris there have been marches of thousands of people who speak out that they want to free themselves from the health dictatorship. That they no longer want to be locked up, that they no longer want to be subjected to strict measures due to the pandemic, it is a situation that is taking place all over the world ”, he recalled.

López Obrador stressed that considerable progress has been made with vaccination, and this helps to keep the level of hospitalization low in the middle of the third wave of COVID-19 infections.

“We are about to reach 65 percent of those vaccinated in the country with at least one dose, and in October we will finish vaccinating everyone over 18 years of age,” he said.

He stressed that you do not have the same number of deceased thanks to the application of vaccines.

“Those who unfortunately are losing their lives in a greater percentage are those who have not been vaccinated,” said AMLO.

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