Foo Fighters announce concert in Brazil and Colombians ask for their return

After almost 10 months of the death of the drummer taylor hawkinsthe band formed in Seattle, announced their upcoming concerts, clearing up doubts about their possible non-continuance on stage.

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Dave Grohl, leader of the iconic alternative rock group, is also the representative figure of the band and considered Taylor closer than a brother.

“We know that when we meet again, which will be soon, he will be there in spirit with all of us every night.”indicated the members of Foo Fighters through a statement in which they had commented on their intention to return to the stage.

And it is that, through social networks, the band formed since 1994, communicated what their next concerts were going to be:

  • Friday May 26: Boston Calling
  • Saturday May 27: sonic temple festival
  • Sunday May 28: bonaroo
  • Saturday September 9: The Town (Brazil)

Colombians await the return of the band

Ten months have passed since the death of Hawkins, the date on which the band was preparing to perform at the Stereo Picnic Festival in Bogotá.

“Over the past 27 years, our fans have built a community around the world, a dedicated support system that has seen us through our darkest moments together. A place to share our joys and our pains, our hopes and fears, and join a choir of life together, through music,” the statement said.

That tragic moment led the group to cancel the world tour that was in progress, as well as the presentation they were going to make at the Granmy Awards.

That is why, in networks, many Colombians, after seeing the Foo Fighters announcement that they will visit Brazilian territory, were encouraged to ask them to return in order to make amends in some way, what happened on March 25, 2022, when Hawkins was found dead in a hotel north of Bogotá.

Will the band return? We will be aware of their social networks and their communications because it is very possible that they can surprise their thousands of fans in the country.

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Foo Fighters announce concert in Brazil and Colombians ask for their return