Fish will offer one last concert, ‘Vigil’s End’: it will be seen online on the 17th –

The British Fish keep promoting what will be his show ‘Vigil’s End‘, his last concert of which was his 1989 debut album,’ A Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors’, and which could also be his last show due to his retirement.

The concert was recorded on November 24 in an evening among fans in which tickets were soon sold out. It took place in the spa in the English town of Leamington, which was the culmination of his recent tour.

The show will be available online for payment on December 17 at 8:00 p.m. Spanish time, asking to buy until the night of December 19.

It costs 29 euros on its official website:

Fish commented on this show: “Going on stage at the Glasgow O2 a few weeks ago was amazing (…) The reaction from the audience was overwhelming and we were all shocked with emotion. It had been 20 months since we last played. live and expectations were high on both sides. The new line-up of the band fitted in faster than anyone thought and the performances were magical, with the crowd very lively every night. We were all very happy to play live again. And it showed. The reviews were incredible from the start. “

The concert includes the complete interpretation of the aforementioned debut album as well as a selection of pieces from their latest album, ‘Weltschmerz‘ (2020).

Scotsman Fish, real name Derek William Dick, made it clear a few months ago that he is exhausted after a long musical career with record releases and tours: “The reality is that I do not want to be on a tour bus for the rest of my life (…) I will never play in stadiums or pavilions and I don’t want to be at concerts at all playing the damn ‘Kayleigh’ like a puppet “.”

Now he will dedicate himself mainly to writing scripts, but it is likely that we will never see him on stage again … even if “never say never”.

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Fish will offer one last concert, ‘Vigil’s End’: it will be seen online on the 17th –