Filmin Music Fest 2022: the cinema platform takes us to some of the best concerts in history

The world of streaming is experiencing a great evolution. It is no longer just important to have a large catalog of content. The key is not only to have quality exclusive movies and series. Now, diversification is taking over.

Some platforms are bringing their subscribers from reality shows (on Netflix they know a lot about it) to sports programming, such as on HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

Friends of filmin they have wanted to join this trend, but with a touch more of the approach of the platform itself.

And the thing is, if Filmin is already an idyllic location for moviegoers, with films like Drive My Car exclusively currently, now it will also become a meeting point for all serious music lovers who want to enjoy a bit of music history.

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Filmin Music Fest 2022 It is a “virtual music festival” where all tastes have a place and that started yesterday, May 27, on the platform. Subscribers will have access to all content, while the rest can rent content separately. However, it is MUCH more profitable to subscribe, even if it is a small month.

Within the Filmin Music Fest 2022 we find various categories, from mythical concerts such as Genesis: When in Rometo a category in memory that recalls legendary stars and bands like Kurt Cobain or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

David Bowie, for example, has his own category for himself, which includes some of his journeys as an actor, such as Inside of the labyrinth, Gigolo either The man who fell to earth (the movie).

Many of the contents included in the Filmin Music Fest 2022 are unprecedented in Spain, so it is a great opportunity to devour them on the platform.

So you already know. Put on your best clothes and enjoy mythical music thanks to Filmin and its Music Fest… And don’t let the rhythm stop!

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Filmin Music Fest 2022: the cinema platform takes us to some of the best concerts in history