June 11, 2021

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Filarmed presents the world premiere of “La Llorona” and the concert “Cuerdas de Colombia”

Filarmed presents the world premiere of La Llorona and the

The music of traditional composers such as Jorge Velosa, Luis A. Calvo and Adolfo Mejía and of the contemporaries Mauricio Lozano and Juan David Osorio, present a tribute to Colombian musical diversity.

Saturday May 29 at 7:00 pm the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra presents “Ropes of Colombia” a concert to enjoy the traditional and contemporary music of our country with rhythms such as the aisle, the dance, the merengue carranguero and the bambuco, among others. We will also present the world premiere of Bone scan, work by Juan David Osorio for requinto and string orchestra, inspired by the pandemic and the current social situation in the country.

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For the morning of Sunday, May 30, the world premiere of La Llorona, a concert narrated about a Latin American myth composed by Jaime Martinez, principal of oboes of Filarmed.

Concert “Strings for Colombia”

Music by traditional composers such as Jorge Velosa, Luis A. Calvo and Adolfo Mejía and the contemporaries Mauricio Lozano and Juan David Osorio, present us a tribute to Colombian musical diversity. The concert will have the musical direction of the teacher Juan Pablo Valencia and the participation of the typist Jairo Rincon and the requintista and composer Juan David Osorio, as soloists.

“The tiple is a symbolic instrument of the music of the region and the country. This concert joins the celebration of the 25 years of the National Meeting of the Tiple de Envigado organized by Cortiple, which will take place in June. With Cortiple and my work as a teacher of the Envigado Music Schools Network, we are carrying out the mission of spreading the heritage of the tiple through artistic and educational programs, ”says Jairo Rincón.

A string orchestra of Filarmed will interpret Mauricio Lozano, the halls Guasap and I had a dream, and the Lunatic dance; in addition to his arrangements, for tiple and string quartet, of works such as Bambuco in B minor de Adolfo Mejia, the Entusiasmo aisle by Luis A. Calvo, Guabina Chiquinquireña by Alberto Urdaneta and the carranguero merengue La Yerbamora by Jorge Velosa.

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This union of instrumentalists and composers is completed with the world premiere of Bone scan, concert for requinto guitar and string orchestra by Juan David Osorio, who will also be a soloist in the interpretation.

X-ray, inspired by the pandemic

For Juan David, his composition Bone scan It is an internal photograph that allows you to see the inside our body. It is made up of three movements: “ReinvenSon”, Which for Osorio the term“ reinvent himself ”was to get closer to the requinto and reflect the influences of the bolero-son and the bolero feeling, among others; “Meditation and Paranoia”, slow and energetic, reflects an approach to Andean music, expresses the states of mind experienced by the confinements, and also, the political and social tension that the country is experiencing. And finally, “Bambulero Recio”, a dialogue between the requinto and the orchestra with influences from bambuco, bolero and joropo.

La Llorona, narrated concert – World premiere

La Llorona is a scripted cantata and music composed for two sopranos, a narrator and an orchestra. According to the composer it was conceived to highlight the role of women in music and will have the participation of the soprano Laura Moreno (La Llorona), the mezzo-soprano Laura Mosquera (Malinche), the narration by Daniela Ocampo and the musical direction by Ana María Patiño.

The composer and oboist Jaime Martinez, was born and raised in Carora, Venezuela, with this and other popular legends, and has wanted to expose in this version of La Llorona a moralizing entity that pleads guilty, but at the same time is a victim of social scourges that have accompanied us throughout history and that they are still in force, claiming victims. In other words, “… girls, boys, adolescents and women, who have lived through stories of injustice and violence that continue to plague humanity,” says teacher Martínez.

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But what are the origins of the legend of La Llorona? It is a very old spectrum, it dates back to pre-Hispanic times, our ancestors represented it with various characters with similar characteristics. “The legend has served to scare the children, to generate fear of the unfaithful with the partner, whether man or woman, and even to avoid infanticides.